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Whats wrong with me

Oct 16, 2009 - 1 comments








ahhhh whats wrong with me i keep having these crazy cravings for stuff like dirt bleach comet and powder laundry soap i will go spray bleach all day in the bathroom and just smell it i will poor the comet in to the tub and just rub my ands and feet in it all day. i play in the laundry soap everytime i go to wash clothes. i take a shower and i rub the soap on my tounge i use a whole bar of soap when taking a shower not eating it but i love how it feels on me and not any saop mostly dial even tho its breaks me out. i love to eat dirt and sand its something i started as a child when my mother was prego she used to sed us out to get her some dirt so she could eat it and i would eat some before giving it to her. and something i havent dont yet but really want to is lick wer cement i dont know when it rains and the smell of the cement and the rain just does domething to me whats wrong with me someone please help me

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by jaylyn2201, Oct 16, 2009
have you have blood work?  Cravings like that can be caused by a lack of a certain vitamin

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