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Wedding Day

Oct 16, 2009 - 6 comments

In a bit more than three hours, I'll be saying "I do" with my third bride.  We're both old enough to know what we're doing.  We've gone through some rather intensive study, assessment, introspection, etc., and spent much time in prayer.  This is a big step, though we don't want others to make a big fuss over us.  It's enough that we'll make a big fuss over each other, and for a long time to come.

They say love is blind, but I disagree.  True love sees it all, and loves anyway, right through all of it.  Nancy and I understand each other, I believe, and we're still very excited to be making this journey together.

I have two major concerns.  First, I hope my health doesn't become a burden to Nancy.  My eyes are as bad today as they've been in a while, with the haze now more on the left side than before.  On the right, I made a big mistake at work yesterday, because I didn't see something correctly on the right side of a page.  In self-analysis, the only thing that I can surmise is that I saw the circle around the "No" response on the form, and thought it was around the adjacent word "Yes" due to the fact that I saw both words and the circle all doubled, overlapping each other.

My other concern is that I want to be a good example for the young man who is about to become my stepson.  He is a great kid, but I know more than a little about the difficulties that can arise in stepfamilies.  I also know what a terror I was to Mom and Dad when I was his age (he'll be 14 at Thanksgiving), and for several years thereafter.  He sees his father often, but I get the sense that he can see some of his father's faults and frailties, and understands why his mother couldn't keep the household intact.  I don't want to take the place of his father, but I do hope to provide a positive male role model for him as he goes through a critical phase of his maturation.  I know kids do better when they have adult figures in their lives who will model a responsible life for them.

Well, I've rambled enough.  Time to hit the showers.

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by essdipity, Oct 16, 2009

Congratulations and best wishes to you and Nancy. May you have many happy years together.  ess

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by cainer, Oct 16, 2009
  Well youl be just fine!!  dont get cold feet now!!   and remember if this was turned around ,you love her enough, it just doesnt matter!!!    be happy!!!  wish you folks the best of the best!! tick

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by rendean, Oct 16, 2009
Ditto Ess on the Congratulations!

As for your concerns, I personally don't think they will be real concerns.  Nancy knows of your health issues and loves you anyway (I think I saw that somewhere recenrtly;-0).  Your fear of your "worsening" health must be taken with the fact that you have to be stressed with all of the flurry of recent days.

As for your other concern regarding your soon to be stepson. A positive male model is what evey child needs. And as for the terror you were to your parents, you can relax....he's not related by blood so he won't repeat the same things you did :->

Wishing you and Nancy all the best in the many years that lie before you both!


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by turkee23, Oct 16, 2009
congrats!!... i cant wait till the day i get married!....enjoy it!

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by saveone, Oct 16, 2009
It is finally here!  Congrats! you are probably in the process as I write this.  May God bless and keep you.

Wishing you and Nancy peace, love, joy and plenty of laughter!


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by Lulu54, Oct 16, 2009
By the time you read this the ceremony should be well over but not the celebrating.  I have a feeling you and Nancy will be clelbrating for years to come.

Becoming a step-dad will undoubtedly have its rough times, but so does parenting our biological children.  I have no doubt you will be an excellent role model.  Even if dad is around, it won't hurt the young man to have more than one male role model in his life.

And for the health questions, please put those worries aside and don't waste the energy being concerned about the unknowns.  Who is to say that something strange wouldn't happen to Nancy without warning, and the roles reversed?  I believe you would still be there to help her too.  

Now the clock is ticking again, this time counting the hours together -   I hope they  add up to an incredibly long period of time.

my best to you both,

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