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Day 36

Oct 19, 2009 - 0 comments







Birth Control


Weight gain



Ouch.. what a headache I've had all throughout this period cycle... I'm boated. Craving like mad. Stressed because my washed size 12 jeans don't fit now! I'm normally so positive, and I still am in the back of my head.. but uhg.. I feel so crappy and down..

I know starting out is hard.. and I need a little more self control throughout the weekdays that I'm supposed to be good with my diet.. I know I will recover and start loosing weight. It's getting started. That's the hard part.

Tomorrow is a new day! My period is finally over! I have an appointment with my Dr for next Monday! I'm off my B-Control pills now due to not knowing where my last pack of them went to.. Packed away somewhere. I'm thinking of asking her about Metforim.

I'm excited about that!

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