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Feeling depressed/anxious

Oct 20, 2009 - 1 comments







Back pain





Yesterday i had a panic attack after i went to the chiro... i was afraid about a stroke again... my physical symptoms that tend to worsen everyday got terrible especially the headache and numbness of my scalp. I took 3 tylenol and 1 aspirin in hope to releive the tension headache that was worse than any other day... Anyway that didn't releive the symptoms and only made me sleepy... So i went to bed at 1am..

Today i'm feeling very depressed and i searched again on the internet for my stupid neck and head symptoms as my anxiety grew up... I jus can't beleive something you are feeling 24/7 everyday that is worse everyday day is all related to anxiety! That and the fact that i don't see too much people havin pressure numbness pain in the forehead and bridge of the nose that are constant and can be worsen by touching the sore spot in the back of my head...Today my scalp is terrible and pressure on the forehead is annoying and whats more anoying is that its worse today and probably will be worse tomorow... I can't wait till i get this stupid MRI... I think the depression is really kickin in... Now i experience low back and high back pain... I think it might be due to the fact i started to wear a soft cervical collar when im using the computer to protect the poor muscles in my neck that are overly tired... I'm afraid to die or have this pain all the rest of my life... How can someone that was so normal like me can become a ****** pain. and theres another thing that i'm angry about.. i seem to be unable to get help... can't get a familly doctor , so how i'm supposed to get a diagnosis or some meds to help me out... My dad seems to not understand me like he seems to don't give a **** and act like everything is ok.. if i go see my mom i don't wanna bother her with me since she's got cancer and more to worry about... Ill jus ****** go to a ****** clinic and pay some more cash and try to get help there... now they will tell me they are full and its not till 2 weeks... i dont know what to do....

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by flob, Oct 22, 2009
try not to worry so much. anxiety feeds anxiety...thats the most important thing to remember when trying to treat it. the best thing to do to put a fire out is to starve it, not feed it. how is your mom doing, by the way?

the physical symptoms you describe are not that uncommon at all in people with anxiety.  you say they continue to get worse...but you also say they get worse when your anxiety gets worse. if this is true, then it does suggest it's anxiety related. however frustrating it is, i'm sure it will eventually go away. have you had a massage? those help with stress.

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