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So I am a week overdue. 41 weeks today.

Oct 21, 2009 - 1 comments

I had my bloody show/ mucus loss the night-before-last at 40 weeks 5 days - the same day I had a membrane sweep done in the ante-natal part of Hospital. The sweep was uncomfortable but I'm glad I had it done as I have suffered over the weekend with my backpain and admit I did want the induction brought forward which is scheduled for 9 am Saturday morning.

I didn't have the mucus loss at all on Joshua and Austin, so it was strange to see, but none-the-less exciting. And a little more of it last night.

However, still nothing has happened to coax Abigail to come out. I have been experiencing the most severe lower backpain for the last 4-5 days. Again I don't recall it ever being this painful with the boys. I am convinced Abigail is a big-baby (8 lbs +). And probably continuing to gain weight as she is very content in there.

Low and strong braxton hicks have been happening for days now. I am actually 41 Weeks today though. It's been slightly frustrating watching my due date come and go, and the due date week come and go too, but I am getting induced Saturday morning if still no sign, so she's gonna have to come out then. I can barely walk without a limp at the mo (backpain is very direct and concentrated in one place)

So baby will be here in a maximum of 3 days time. Feels a long way away, but really it's just around the corner!! And I have housework I need to do!!

Joshua and Austin are looking forward to seeing Baby-Bump now. Joshua is particularly aware and looking forward to ''Saturday''.

Can't wait to meet our little girl <3

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by Lance06, Oct 21, 2009
Cant wait to hear all about your daughters birth! You must be so excited! Its almost here!

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