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Yay! Only one cup of joe today!

Jun 09, 2008 - 1 comments



coffee addiction

I didn't make coffee at home this morning as I was planning on meeting the girls for brunch. Luckily we met at a cafe instead of a true brunch spot. The restaurants will keep refilling your coffee, and I usually drink about 5-6 cups before 1:00 pm. Cafes don't usually do that. So today, I ordered an iced coffee (it's hot here in San Francisco), and I didn't even finish it. Too busy gabbing probably.

I felt fine. No headaches or any withdrawal symptoms. I even went salsa dancing and walked all over the city, so I was more active than usual. I did go to sleep pretty early though, around 11 p.m.

Coffee & Alcohol Addictions
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by peekawho, Jun 09, 2008
1.  Only having one cup of coffee in a day is a travesty.
2.  11pm is EARLY??  I've been asleep for 3 hours by then.
3.  Well, there is no #3.  

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