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another day,

Oct 22, 2009 - 2 comments








Well today is still the same, My mouth is burning upon drinking or eating anything, I took an Allegra and it is not helping i am just confused aren't allergy pills supposed to work if you have an allergy it should stop it right? nothing that i take has ever worked for me I think i am going to see a homoeopath? has any found any relief from one?

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by TrudieC, Oct 22, 2009
It is possible you have mouth ulcers, especially since you suspect Lupus.  Go to your Pharmacist and he can suggest a good rinse.  I use an Oral B product and swish twice a day.  After 2 days they always feel better.  Be very careful with homeopaths and naturopaths.  Many want to build up your immunity and if you have Lupus or other auto-immune issues where your immune system is in overdrive and attacking your body, their preparations can cause you to flare worse.  Just be careful.  Also avoid anything that is sulfa based.

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by deebrown30, Oct 22, 2009
Hi there!  I think you need to see a Rheumatologist.  This sounds like it is more than just allergies to me....take care!

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