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Started IVSM again

Oct 20, 2009 - 0 comments



stomach ache









Saw the Neurologist today and they put me back on solumedrol drip for 4 days. After first day i felt a bit tired but better energy after second day felt great. After 3rd day am all puffy and have edema in my feet, ankles and lower legs and my stomach aches. ugh. one more day on Friday then a step down pack. i do hate steroids. hope this helps my eyesight and neuropathy.

we also discussed a new dmd. Might look into Rebif, Tysabri or best yet, IVIG, which my neuro thinks works best of all. I might be not be a candidate for Rebif or the interferons since I am getting depressed. they also suggested low dose of Lexapro. ugh. But anything to feel better. I have to stop  the LND until after the steroid round is over.

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