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Am I pregnant?

Jun 10, 2008 - 1 comments



am i pregnant?


white spots on nipples


extensive light brown period


I've been having unprotected sex for 6 months....every other day or so. We're very active.
I was on Depo up untill 3 months ago.(no more Depo for me)
about 3 weeks before my last injection would've been due I started to spot. Brown spotting.

I'm still spotting, it's been 3 months...and it still hasnt stopped.

It's very light, but dark brown...after intercourse it's a little pinkish for the next day, then goes back to brown.

sometimes it doesnt show on the panty liner, and is only there when I wipe.

Yesterday, in the shower...I noticed a whole bunch of little white bumps on my nipples (not the areola)
When I scratch it or squeeze it little white stuff comes out...(just like a pimple).

I took a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago, it came back negative.

Soooo...Why am I spotting for so long?
and Why do I all of the sudden have these litle white bumps on my nipples??

other problems insist of:
Frequent stomach aches
On and Off frequent heartburn (not very severe, enough to make my mouth water)
loss of energy
lack of motivation

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by carriebell, Jul 10, 2008
I honestly think i would talk another pregnancy test as soon as possable. If it's negative i'd contact my OBGYN.  

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