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regarding Chris

Oct 25, 2009 - 8 comments

I am so very sorry that this entry is coming from me, Linda Storm, Chris' sister and not Chris herself. I apologize for not letting everyone know sooner but Tc was a huge help in taking care of something I was not yet able to do. As most of you already know, Chris passed away Wednesday Oct. 21 at 9:10 am, after a terribly long but couragous battle. I hope this will reach everybody that meant so much to Chris and helped her in tremendous ways through the toughest battle of her life. I hope every one of you know how very much you meant to Chris. You were there for her in so many ways that us as family, tried, but couldn't be. I am not as adept at the computer and the forums as Chris, so I don't know exactly know how to go everywhere and get messages to everyone, so please help me in letting everyone know. Chris' service will be Monday Oct. 26 @ 10 am. Chris is a fantastic and beautiful person who has left an empty spot in my life. I wish this horrible monster that takes so many beautiful people didn't even exist. She so wanted to be able to make it to the Chicago event this year. Although she was not there physically, I know she was there in everyones hearts. Please continue these yearly events in honor of Chris, as that is what she so dearly wanted. Many of you got to know Chris better than I, in many different ways, in the four years you knew her, due to the connection you all shared, and that I was not able to fully understand. I am sorry if this sounds like I am rambling on, I just don't know how to express the sadness of my (our) loss and convey to all of you just how much I, my family and Chris were fortunate to have you there for her. Thank you so very much. Linda.

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by cirella, Oct 25, 2009
Dear Linda,
Please accept my deepest sympathy.  I cannot imagine the feeling of losing a sister.  I only knew Chris for a short time and was so very fortunate to have met her last year in Springfield.  She was a good friend and I will always be glad to have met her.  

You are so right about Chris wanting the annual gathering to continue on.  When it first came to her mind I don't think she really understood that but, as it gained momentum, it became clear that it was setting in motion something bigger for future years.  I pray that it does happen.  

I am glad you came her to post this.  Chris, Jan and the others have always encouraged those on the forum to share passwords with loved ones so that if anything ever happened, you could come her to speak for them.  Thank you.  

To honor Chris and all those with OC I will make a donation to the NOCC.
Take care and big hugs!
Lori C

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by ireneo, Oct 25, 2009
Dear Linda,

You've done just fine getting this information on the board. When I saw Chris's name pop up in the side bar, it gave me a jolt. But now I see why. You were just posting on her behalf. Thank you.

I know this has to be so hard on you. I don't have the right words to make it any easier. I wish I did. From my own experience I know only time will help.

Perhaps you were able to read all the notes on this forum that were sent to Chris. I hope so or maybe it's too painful. Either way, know that we all loved her.

Hugs,  irene

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by dawnlyn, Oct 26, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss, Chris was a beautiful woman.....My heart goes out to you and all of your family.  Chris was one of the first women here to reach out to me, she will always hold a special place in my heart.  

I posted this under a thread as well as here.  I did not see this before I looked at side bar.  If you need anything, to talk or ramble ( which is okay) we understand we are here for you.


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by turkee23, Oct 26, 2009
Im so sorry for you loss, i know it has to be the hardest thing losing a sister, a best friend.I didnt get to meet Chris , but i know she was a wonderful person.... i read most of her post and all of the other posts everyone has wrote her and she was VERY loved.

she welcomed most of us here with open arms when we were strangers to this..... im jealous , that i didnt get to give her a hug myself..

she is watching over you  and waiting for you and all of us with open arms once again..... stay stong


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by crecco, Oct 27, 2009
by crecco, 38 minutes ago
To: friends of crecco
Yesterday was Chris's service. It was a very beautiful service. My daughter (Jamie) suggested that we realease balloons at the cemetery. We had several teal balloons and a few white balloons aired up first thing in the morning. We all stood around and as we released our balloons, a butterfly flew passed us and followed the balloons up into the air. We applauded. It was truely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I feel Chris's free spirit flew away on the wings of her butterfly.  I want to thank each and every one of you terrific women for being in my sisters life.  Linda.

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by butterflytc, Nov 03, 2009
Finally going in now, and reading all the wonderful posts about is a wonderful tribute to her, she was deeply loved here in Medhelp, as I am sure you can tell. It was amazing but not surprising, that Chris sent that butterfly off ..knowing her it was to set all your minds at ease, and let you know she fought well, and is now free to fly.
   It was good talking with you today, I think you and your daughter are very brave. Love the butterfly tattoo idea, and I know Chris would too. I am mailing off the ornament from the Chicago Event, with enclosed notes from the ladies attending. Take care of you and yours Linda..
butterfly Tc

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by julianson, Jan 10, 2010
I am so sorry to hear about your sister.  I am scouring the web for info that may help my mom and your sister was one of the best.

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by hatgal, Apr 13, 2010
I have not been on this site, obviously, in a very long time.  I am speechless at what I find, and I am so wrought with grief for the loss of Chris and Jan - two great women who touched my life in so many ways.  Their words and advice to me were self-less...........  My thoughts, prayers, and heart goes out to Chris and Jan and their families, albeit so much/too much time has passed.  They are in a better place with no pain - just beauty, which is just what they were in life - beautiful, selfless women.  God Bless each and every one of you!  I will remember this from Chris - the next time someone wants to meet me, in-between where she lived and the City of Chicago, I will not hesitate.  I missed out so much in not being able to meet her on one of her trips to where I live............  I am speechless........  Love, Hatgal (Elizabeth)

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