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Oct 26, 2009 - 3 comments

well i have chosen the methadone route. did this years ago in a program, and managed to kick for a while. i wanted to go the suboxone route but my doctor isn't allowed to prescribe it. it will take all the power in my soul to work this. i recently went back to full time physically taxing work. my doctor knows all my darkest secrets, so i would have a hard time getting over on him. wish me luck. i miss you all, but have been kinda in a bubble and avoiding folks altogether. hope to be back full time soon. peace

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by refusingbondage, Oct 26, 2009
sending lots of good thoughts your way. you know what, as long as your *trying* you are fighting.  its not easy to kick this addiction.. (and STAY off them).. I wish you much luck and will keep you in my prayers.

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by sway1, Nov 01, 2009
spent about 8 days on methadone. my joints hurt almost immediately, especially at night. i would wake up several times a night weeping and moaning from the pain. one of these days i will take nike's advice and just do it. thanks for caring. hope you are well.

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by baj42, Nov 21, 2009
I started suboxone 2 days ago after fighting opiate addiction for 22 yrs.  I'll give you my experience so far if you want.  My email is ***@****

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