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The Nightmare of Crack

Oct 26, 2009 - 6 comments

Hello... I'd like to share my own personal experience with smoking Crack... maybe it could help you better understand the drug?

Okay... one thing I will share with you, Crack Cocaine is an extremely destructive drug... by far, the single most destructive drug I have ever done in my entire life.  

It is also by far the most pleasurable drug... but that pleasure is very misleading, short lived, and the destruction it causes lasts much longer.  Essentially it is evil in it's purest form.  

Essentially Cocaine blocks dopamine re uptake at the synapse.  Causing high levels of Dopamine at the synapse... it stimulates many many nerves at once and it is this feeling that is very pleasurable.  

But let me tell you, each hit you take is like a strong electrical current flowing through the brain, short circuiting neural connections and memories previously developed.  Essentially it causes a loss of memory, function, and development with each and every hit.  

The day after I experience Crack Cocaine... My brain feels very fuzzy, electrified, i feel withdrawn.  I just think about having more.  Even though you take a hit... and within 15 minutes you already want another one.  That is because the brain will make less dopamine, in an attempt to try and keep equilibrium.  

You have to take your husbands addiction very seriously, Crack is the most destructive drug I have ever experienced... everything falls apart when people use crack... it ruins lives, and I have seen it happen.  The ruin it causes cascades onto other people who may even be completely innocent to the direct effects of the drug...

I completely lost interest in women, pursuing women, I only wanted to pursue crack... The thought of women wouldn't even come across my mind while using this drug.  A previous poster was right, he can't love you when he's in love with crack.

You will have to let him know how you feel about his addiction, what it's doing to him, and of course how it's affecting you.  

How did i quit?  Well I just stopped... my parents love me too much, and I just realize the high level of destruction it causes, even just using for a month( every 3 days or so).  And of course the 1000 dollar loss in my bank account was also a real wake up call.  

I first used Crack about 2 years ago, but I wasn’t ever the type of person who would use daily.  At first maybe just once or twice a month for about 4 months, then I quit for 8 months, then somehow I met a dealer at the bar, and did it 2 weekends in a row… then quit for another 8 months… then I thought my life was over (that’s a whole other story) and used about every third day for a month straight… then stopped again for good… one month ago.  Now I know my life isn’t over, and there’s absolutely no reason to ruin a perfectly good life.

Well… the way I stopped was simply by thinking of all the damage it causes, and only associating the drug with damage, rather than as a form of pleasure…

The biggest thing… The day after using my vision would be blurry, my mind would be blurry… it’s like someone ran an electrical current through my entire body the day after.

Also… even after abstaining from use for a month after, I would recognize that I would forget things that I should know, whether it be a word, a name, or even an idea I once knew.  Thoughts wouldn’t flow through my brain as they once did, and my ideas wouldn’t construct in an orderly fashion.  

There was another time when I used when I had just been introduced to crack… I used quite a bit, and I remember laying in bed and my heart was beating very sporadically.  It would beat faster and faster, then it would beat out of rhythm, and after laying there for awhile like this it felt like my heart was too tired to beat!  It felt exhausted like it just wanted to take a rest!  I am very lucky in that moment, I remember thinking I just wish I had this cocaine out of my system once and for all!  For a solid 2 weeks after my chest was in a continual pain and felt stiff… My heart was damaged that night.

Then there’s also the lung damage done… The thing about smoking crack, is that users want to take big lung fulls, and hold it for as long as possible.  This is very damaging to the lungs, especially if the smoke isn’t cooled through water, or a long hose.  I would also say the smoke is very pure… and you can even blow the smoke to someone else, and they will still feel the effects, or put the smoke into a balloon, and take another inhale.  You can even smoke it and if you hold it in long enough, and wasn’t the biggest hit ever, you will actually absorb it all.  

The high itself is short lived, you can actually feel yourself go up, up, and way up, and peak shortly after the exhale… and then you are at that level for about a minute…after that you can actually feel yourself come down, like on a roller coaster, then you come to a high where you feel satisfied for about 10 minutes… after that you want more.

As for how addictive crack is??? Well this is a tough question to answer because based on my experience it is not physically addicting.  I can taste it again in my mouth and throat about 24 hours, although it’s not a very strong craving, however that might be about the only physical craving I will get.  It is however VERY psychologically addictive, and the single most reinforcing drug.  Reinforcing, as in that was soooo good… the mind remembers the feeling and wants to pursue it again and again and again.
I don’t know about other people, but it took me about 2 weeks to forget about how good the feeling is and move on with my life.  It’s these thoughts of using the drug that cause people to pursue it, rather than a physical addiction as in the case of tobacco and heroin.  

The good news is that the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and after refraining from use, I find that my mind feels better, my heart isn’t stiff or sore, and my lungs are also feeling better.  It takes time to recover from the damage… and even so there will definitely be damage done to the mind, but as long as someone stays clean, they can recover their mind and make new neural connections as long as it’s not impaired.  I need my mind to do other things, to hear the birds chirping, enjoy great food, goto work, solve problems, appreciate life and what it has to offer.

The best way to quit is to focus on how evil the drug really is, recognizing the damage it does to ones own self and those who surround that person.  That’s when someone can wake up from a cocaine dream and finally recognize it as a nightmare.

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by lostan, Jul 29, 2010
That was very insightful ,I believe no drug is physically addictive but then again Ive never been addicted to heroin so I wouldnt know on that .However I definitely agree that crack coaine is very very harmful to the body I have a friend who did it for several months and received a Ugly diagnosis of Pulmonary Emboli(small blood clots in the lungs) due to crack and how crack is smoked (with copper wire) to high maybe to realize the crack was gone and kept hittin pipe with copper in it ,perhaps ,smokin metal did it.So he ended up in hospital for a week,and then was placed on Lovenox and other drugs,then onto Coumadin for six months to try and get the blood clots to dissapate,needless to say he has to go get another CAT scan done to see how he is doing,Anyone who knows what Coumadin is knows it is a heavy drug which has a accumulative effect and must be monitered via bloodwork every week to two weeks .So all this goin on for two years or more,I asked him was it worth it,he says no but I know he has still snorted cocaine since then and it just breaks my heart,that after all that he still would flirt with death.So yes,it is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE DRUG USERS BEWARE !!!! But if you do choose to use,NEVER BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR DOCTOR ,as they will most likely know if they take your blood in an emergency.

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by PinPinPatrick, Jul 29, 2010
Yes... This is a BAD ******* DRUG... omg...

Biggest regret in my entire life is using this drug... I think it is the single most destructive drug out there known to mankind... I wish it was wiped off the planet and exterminated... that is all cocaine!  Crack is the single most acutely destructive drug out there... I say acute because I'm talking about damage now, use per use and amount of long term consequences.  It even beats meth in my opinion.  Although meth can be bad if used in high doses for long periods of time as well which happens to many people.

So I am over 1 year from my last smoke.

No it is not from smoking the copper wire.  I have smoked copper wire many many times in my life... lol I know what you might be thinking.  No I smoked pot for years and years and many many times out of a pipe with copper screen.  The damage is not from the copper wire.

The damage is from the crack itself.  What happens if you don't cool the drug before it hits your lungs, is it burns!!! It burns the lung tissue, no joke.  And when crack is heated it makes the crackling sound and it looks like it melts like a candle almost.  So the smoke is thick, pure, and HOT.  It burns the lung tissue!  But the feeling of smoking it, you don't feel any of that, instead it taste sweet like 'candy' as some will say, and it numbs all those negative effects.    In addition to that people take big hits and try and hold it in!!! I noticed some users use much longer tubes, or the safest way ( Actually no matter what crack is deadly  so there isn't really a safe way)  but the least damaging way which is still highly damaging would be to cool the smoke through cold water in a bong.

Yes thank you for the reminder not to be afraid to tell me doctor.  I am at the stage where I have no choice, I have to talk to my doctor about it.  I have bad lung damage, definite bad lung damage... early emphysema or COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from smoking it.  Imagine someone how smoked like a pack a day until they are like 40 years old since like age 20, then quit smoking.  That's probably about the damage done to my lungs.  Although I know the damage to my lungs could have been worse.  

But I try not to hold the experience too harshly otherwise I'll spend the rest of my life beating myself up for something I can't go back into the past to change....  The good out of it is... I quit all drug and alcohol use completely.  

DONE... totally done.  After smoking pot, tobacco, drinking.  Those were my prime 3, hell I even quit coffee.  I am done.  I absolutely refuse to damage my health anymore than I already have.  And my drinking has always been a serious problem.  

So that is the good I am getting out of this.  I'm even thinking of getting a tattoo... even thoug I have no tattoos and was always against them, I know that my life will never be the same and will always have been affected through my use of drugs and alcohol.  

I attribute 50% of the damage done to my lungs, heart, and brain to crack ALONE.  About 25% to alcohol and 25% to pot.  Also tobacco obviously damages the lungs too.

But for my symptoms... 1 week ago I thought I was having a heart attack, I was getting all of the symptoms of a heart attack, which included shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, dizziness, sore arms, back... my entire body felt like it was being starved of oxygen.  

I got an ECG, blood work, and a chest x-ray in emergency care.  And guess what... everything was normal!

The Doctor called me back and I will be getting a stress test in the next few weeks to test my heart when I exercise.

But I know what the damage is... The damage is that I am not getting enough oxygen to my heart!!!  This will kill me over time, just because of the lack of oxyen going to my heart.  My lungs just can't deliver.  Not to mention I can't get rid of carbon dioxide nearly as well because of the lung problem as well.    

So yes... the alveolar sacs, the scars caused by the heat, the damage is done is done.  All I have been doing is eating healthy, and taking supplements.  I have been taking vitamin A, beta carotene, MSM... Those are some that I read to help the lungs, but I am taking so many just to help the rest of my body as well.

I hate feeling short of breath all the time... this drug killed me.  This drug kills.. 1 hit, 2 hits, 10 hits, or 100... 1000.. whatever.  it is hell.  I can't imagine where some of the other crack heads i met along my way are to this day.  I bet you some that I met are actually dead.  

Tell your friend stop using cocaine!  If he smoked crack before and has the lung problem... his heart is already hurting like mine is!  This will just make it worse!

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by PinPinPatrick, Aug 02, 2010
Hi... to whoever else might read this.

The drug cocaine is a poweful vasoconstrictor.  Meaning it will cause the muscles of arteries to tense up and squeeze.  

Now I think this is ultimately why cocaine and crack are so bad for the body, mind, and soul.

The lung damage could be because the small blood vessels that go through the lungs squeeze up and some might even block.  Creating clots, and blockages.

Then there is the dopamine off the charts effect that makes the drug so pleasureable to begin with.  But this high is actually unstable.  Because the drug blocks dopamine reuptake pumps, you have an huge increase in dopamine at all synapses. This is very bad... not only does this create unnaturally high levels in your pleasure centers which essentially become fried, it all does this at all dopamine synapses... including the movment centers.   So if you have damaged these areas enough, you will eventually have parkinson's like symptoms and problems with movement.  You need stable dopamine levels to smooth out movement.    Hence you have the 'crack dancers' who sway back and forth.  This was crack induced, not from parkinson's.  

Then there is a down regulation in the amount of dopamine that is synthasized at the synapse, as well as a down regulation in the number of dopamine receptors at the post-synaptic cleft.  That is the receiving neuron doesn't want to be bombarded with dopamine again!  This is just too exhausting for it to fire continuously and repeatedlly.... it can't fire that way, and it also exhausts it's energy supply of ATP, and is really hard on the mitochondria.

Essentially the high itself is a brain fry.  And even though the high is as pleasureable as it is destructive... we are looking at permanent long term damage when even small amounts of this drug are used.  

Personally I have only used on 20 occasions.  Average consumption per occasion was about 0.2 grams, my guess, or about 20 dollars worth.  Total amount consumed in my life time about 4 or 5 grams.  Give or take maybe 1 gram.  Over the course of 2 years.  

I have definite damage done with only that amount consumed.  I had absolutely no idea that a drug could possibly do that amount of damage on my body!!! It's too bad, I have chronic problems with my lungs now.... Like an early premature emphasema or chronic bronchitis.  Also my mind has been damaged... although I am lucky enough to realize the damage... and I have been making progress.  Exercise, healthy food, supplements supplements and more supplements, particularly ones for the mind.  And I have been reading all kinds of books on restoring damage done from addictions.

If anyone who has done cocaine or crack, or has any questions about it please feel free to message me.  I know more about crack than cocaine... however it's essentially the same drug except a single hydrogen proton has been taken off the cocaine molecule turning it from it's water soluble form into a form that is insoluble in water and smokeable.  Crack.  Which not only is smokeable, but also crosses the blood brain barrier much quicker.  

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by PinPinPatrick, Sep 10, 2010
Hey anyone who reads this it...

I just wanted to point out my story is based on both education and experience...  This information is out there for everyone and too anyone from doctors, to law enforcement, those who are  to those who know an someone who is using, or the person suffering from the demon crack itself as an addict.  Crack cocaine is just as equally pleasureable as it is destructive.  Only the pleasure is very short lived and the destruction is ever lasting.  Crack can even be considered more than a drug, even as a demonic spirit.  Because this drug doesn't just cause addiction, it will possess you.  Treat it as a disease, a trap, something you fall in... and look into the fact that an addict has a hard time coming out because he's been totally possessed by a demonic spirit It's the devil offering a little piece of heaven for a little piece of hell.  

And yes I have had nightmares of the cocaine spirit... I call him 'Cocaine Killer' a spirit that is hart to escape from when he grabs you.  And he'll chase you down and go right for your heart.

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by newbegginnings, Apr 28, 2014
Biggest mistake of my life. Crack controls every area of your life. It has ruined my life. Please do not try this drug. If you are a casual user it will eventually devour you. Stop now!

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by jamesdula1971, Feb 10, 2015
My girlfriend is 7months pregnant with my daughter and she smoke crack cocaine and marijuana I think she is sell.her body for it she is out all night in the streets.ive tried to get her help she argue and fights with me over this matter im so worry about her an my unborn daughter. Ive been going thur this with her for about 6months now im so frustrated and tired.i dont want to give up on her I love her to death.She want admit she has a problem Any suggestions o

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