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4 weeks

Jan 06, 2015 - 5 comments

Well, after all that's happened the last month - the last thing I thought was going to happen, was me get pregnant (as much as I wanted it)
Sunday morning I took a test (the day before my period was supposed to be due) and didn't expect anything less than 1 line. So when 2 showed up - I started shaking. Actually, vibrating is a more accurate description.
Me and Corey have been so rocky lately, with him missing Madison, then talking to his ex about possibly getting back together, and then choosing me only to find out they've still been 'talking'.
I've been so hurt the last month. And I know you guys have followed all this BS drama, and I thank you SO much for giving your input and helping me have the courage to stand up for myself and not put up with it.
I sat him down last night and straight up said "I'm not taking this ring off, until you tell me to. But just know, the longer you wait to 'make a choice' - the easier it's gunna be for me to walk away regardless of your decision. You know where I stand here, the ball is in your court'
He said he was going to talk to a friend at a local pub, and if anyone knows the love I have for that boy - it's the friend he went to see.
He came home about 4hrs later and said 'I didn't get to talk to my dad, which I really wanted to do. But it doesn't matter. I've made my choice. I want you to wear that ring, for the rest of my life.'
He told me I needed to change my attitude about things (like, not get so heated with riley etc) and that he needs to start bonding with her better because he feels she doesn't like him (which is the opposite, everytime he leaves she asks where he's going, when he'll be back etc).
He asked me if I was 100% sure I was pregnant, and I said false positives don't really happen often but the bloodwork results I get back (today) will say for sure, but in the end, I said yes. I'm pregnant.
He put his head in his hands and said, I'm fuc*ing ecstatic about that.
He held me like he hasn't done in a month and I told him he's going to have to tell his ex that this is NOT happening again. He's made his choice twice (three times including the last time they broke up) now, and he hasn't chose her. Yeah, he may have been up in the air, but in the end - he's moved on and so should she.
Only time will tell if he can grow the balls and tell her that.
But I'm so happy the bond we have is so strong that although it's definitely been bent, it's not been broken.
When we first started dating we didn't have any issues, and I'm like SEE, this!!! is what a healthy relationship should be like. But it wouldn't be real life if you didn't face hardships, or bicker/fight, or hate eachother once in a while. It's getting through it, and being stronger because of it.
I can honestly say he makes me a better person. And I hope to God that we are blessed with this baby Levi's hand picked for us from heaven.
Off to work now ladies.

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2020005 tn?1628125976
by KTowne, Jan 06, 2015
I'm so glad you talked and he seems to be coming around, but actions are definitely louder than words so it won't take long for you to find out for sure. I really hope he knocks it off and you two get past this and you have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby in a few months!! I have to say, I admire your attitude and sticking by him, it takes a strong woman that's confident in herself to do that. Now relax and enjoy your man and pregnancy!!

1535793 tn?1521005282
by desderius, Jan 06, 2015
when bitter water turns to sweet water...i like this, i pray that you carry that little life to full term, in God we trust.

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by ribaby15, Jan 06, 2015
It's so hard to just try to rely on the amount of love you have for someone, in hopes they see it. I kept saying to myself, if he feels the love for you, that you do for him - he'll make the right choice.
I'm so glad he saw through everything, and that I'm not going anywhere. It took a lot of strength to just sit by and wait, and see him daily and want to make everything better but not knowing if he did. Everyone told me that if I was confident enough in our relationship - he'd come around. If I hadn't heard that. I'd have up and left... Baby or not.
I'm in a pure bliss right now and hoping the next few months fly by and nothing goes wrong.

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Jan 06, 2015
I'm so glad to hear you had that conversation. That is exactly what needed to happen. I'm glad to hear he's come around.And I hope he sticks to it.

It definitely does take a strong woman to stand by your man no matter what. I was in a very similar situation for a long time before things finally came out the way they did.

I'm glad to hear that he's excited about this new little life inside you. Now you can relax and enjoy the next 8 months. Have a healthy pregnancy!

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by ribaby15, Jan 30, 2015
this hurt to read again :(

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