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SuperGlue and Spider Guts and Other Preventable Eye Injuries

Oct 31, 2009 - 26 comments

OK, since I have this blog, I'm going to try and do my part for the public good and try to inform you about ways to protect your eyes from serious injuries.  Let's get right down to it.  I'm a firm believer in Murphy's Law.  What can go wrong, will go wrong. Always wear approved eye protection glasses (it will say ANSI APROVED) when doing any activities that you suspect might possibly put your eyes at risk.  These include drilling, hammering, trimming, cutting, spraying, weed wacking, grass cutting, fishing, using hazardous cleaners or chemicals and may other things I can't think of right now.

Here are some of the weirder eye injuries I've seen that you truly never want to experience:

1.  Superglue to the eye.  I've actually seen this 3 times and it happens because some people are nearly blind without their glasses and some superglue bottles can be similar in size to eye drop bottles.

2.  Spider guts to the eye.  In Florida, we call them Banana Spiders but they are about the size of a silver dollar and spin huge webs.  This unfortunate man had so many webs in his rafters around his barn that he decided to attack the problem with a weed-wacker and spider parts flew everywhere, including his eyes.

3.  A fisherman with a fish hook embedded into the eye.  Again, the same story. No protective eye wear.

4.  Paintball and Airsoft gun injuries to eye.  I've seen about 6 cases, all very serious, lifelong problems afterward.  All, totally preventable with proper eye protection.

5. Curling iron burns to the eye.  Also seen this about 4 times, always with women trying to curl their bangs and accidentally dropping the curling iron.

6.  A roofer nailing shingles to a roof came to see me with a nail that went directly into the eye and required 3 subsequent surgeries in order to maintain just a little vision.  He said the 2 nails had popped up and hit him in the face before the final devestating blow.  You think he might have thought to wear eye protection after the first or second time.

7. Cat claw to eye.  This cat lover, required surgery to repair the laceration, from her lovely cat that was startled and popper her in the eye.  This is the one that made me cringe the most.

8.  Exploding, bottle rocket, direct hit to the eye.  It was not another pretty sight.  We'll leave it at that.

9. Cigarette burn to the eye.  Almost always little children about the same height as a persons back pocket, which is roughly about where some smokers hold their burning cigarettes between puffs. The child can inadvertantly walk into the cigarette and get a superficial burn.  As far as I know, the few cases I have seen from emergency rooms have indeed been total accidents and all kids healed 100%.

Be careful and protect your eyes!

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746512 tn?1388807580
by Tammy2009, Oct 31, 2009
scary!!  I have been very close to the cat claw in the eye.  My cat throughs temper traumas when you pick him up when he is doing something he shouldn't and reaches around and smacks you in the face.  

I now keep his nails trimmed down as far as possible.  

Never thought of the kids and cigarettes though,  

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Oct 31, 2009
This made my spine shiver. Scarier than Halloween!!
Now I shall dig out those goggles somewhere in my workroom, and clean them up for future use.........

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by paranoid_cataclysm, Nov 01, 2009
I had a couple of bizarre things happen.  One time I was running an acid-based cleaner at work into a trashcan and somehow it splashed up off the side of a trash bag and into both of my eyes at an arms length which the one splashed more became completely red.  I ran water in them for several minutes and this **** can burn your nose and tongue from breathing it in if the fumes are thick enough.  Must've cleaned it out good enough because the irritation stopped and I didn't need to go to a doctor and my vision didn't get altered at all at least noticeably.  Needless to say I was required to fill out an incident report.  Another time I was putting liquid soap into my hand from a dispenser and it somehow bounced up all the way from my hand into my eye.  This also irritated my eye a lot and got completely red quickly.  I guess the moral of the story is to wear eye protection even when doing **** like washing your hands because I guess god hates me and he could possibly hate you too.

Avatar universal
by Chargers17, Nov 03, 2009
Okay, but What I want to know is how can I fight my emotions especially the one that makes my red face all the time when I am speaking in a crowd

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by sirbrotherblueice, Feb 23, 2011
I have to laugh at the kid walking into a cigarette...  its so bloody ironic...  its not so much the smokers fault... I mean like comeon kid... pay attention to where youre walking.... daddy smokes.. duh

besides that... most of these things are freak accidents... whos going to wear protective eye glasses all the time?  I might as wear a jock strap..and helmet when I walk to the store...  not to mention my bullet proof vest.. hey you never know... a bullet might just.....

Avatar universal
by Leslie250, Feb 23, 2011
I would like to reply to the above post.
First, it probably isn't daddy.  Second, kids of that age are far less mentally developed and have far fewer experiences than an adult, so not duh to the kid.  Duh to the full grown adult with many years of adult experiences.
It is not a freak accident when you are using explosives, caustic chemicals, guns, etc and you choose not to have protection.  None of the above happened to unsuspecting bystanders.
To all readers,
Don't worry what you look like in safety glasses.  You are the one who has to live with the adverse repercussions of an injury.  If you worry what others think of how you look, consider how you might look with a white scarred eye, without an eye, etc.  Your smart neighbors will be emboldened to use their safety glasses if they see you use yours.

284078 tn?1282616698
by Michael J Kutryb, MDBlank, Feb 23, 2011
Good safety glasses are pretty cheap now and made to look less dorky.  Some are very cool looking.  Remember Murphy's Law - and if you don't know what that is, then you have a homework assignment.  Make sure your safety glasses are ANSI approved.

Avatar universal
by seroma, Feb 23, 2011
Nice blog and comments! No one should ever worry
About "what they look like" wearing any safety gear.
That's the saddest part is that so many people do, to their own detriment.
I used to ride my horses a lot and always wore
A riding helmet. I had a pretty bad throw going
At a good clip and thrown, about 10 and landed on my back including the back of my head.
If I didn't have that helmet on I probably wouldn't be writing this
Or if I was it might be by using the device that
Stephen Hawkings has to use' love him, but it can't be easy for him.
So, helmets, goggles, what have you, protect yourself
The best you can so you can enjoy the amazing gifts we have in this life.

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by susolov, Feb 23, 2011
While doing gardening, I usually only work my prescription eye glasses. I was weeding *near* a "date" tree and one of the pointy leaves found it's way under my classes and poked me slightly in the eye. So, now I wear safety goggles that fit over glasses whenever I down in the garden. I didn't think much about the minor eye-injury, but luckily I went to a Optometrist appointment the next day. The doctor noticed the small "open wound" in my eye and he gave me some antibiotic eye drops to put in the eye. So I learned a lesson: get any eye injury checked out by a Doctor. YAY Doctors! Next step for me is to order prescription safety glasses.

Avatar universal
by AlessiaO, Feb 23, 2011
I injured my eye once when I was dusting because some crystal powder from a glass broken few weeks prior went in my eye and scratched the surface. it was very painful... thankfully a great eye doctor managed to wash / remove the tiny fragments off.

Avatar universal
by Liz22222, Feb 24, 2011
Don't forget also to put a plastic end on canes used in the garden.  I have seen and heard of some nasty eye injuries from bamboo canes in garden.  It's so easy to bend down and get out a weed and a cane in the eye.  Also known someone impale their calf muscle, along its length on a bamboo cane in the garden.

Avatar universal
by Candace888, Feb 26, 2011
LOL, my doctor warned me about protecting my eyes, he said all eye doctors can tell you horror stories and if you have only one good eye, the accident always happens to it.  I only have one "good" eye now since my RD left me with a lot of vision loss.  I am super careful and yet my Great Dane jumped up onto my bed and whacked me really hard with his tail in my good eye before I even realized he was coming.   I had little black floaters in it right away and started freaking out. I got to the doctor right away and he said it was ok, it had burst a little vessel but it was ok.  I am so careful even in the house now.  Murphy's law is a bugger.  

1613426 tn?1306686747
by XxMaddiexX, Mar 04, 2011
OMFG! O-U-C-H! I can understand wearing eye protection for all of these except the curling your hair one. I don't think wearing super goggles while curling my hair is necessary.

Avatar universal
by LynneAV, Mar 09, 2011
I remember being burned in the face by a cigarette when I was a small child, at some social gathering, while innocently standing still as instructed and holding my mother's hand.  Smokers lounging around talking will wave their hands and knock their burning cigarette tips into all kinds of things and do all kinds of damage without even realizing it.  

757137 tn?1347196453
by allmymarbles, Mar 13, 2011
I reached out for my eye drops and accidentally picked up a bottle of liquid supplements which was exactly the same size and appearance. I washed out my eye like mad and there were bad results. I am very careful now. It could have been a bottle of super glue I guess. I was lucky.

662703 tn?1226271428
by aleif, Mar 18, 2011
My daughter, then 2 years old, threw a magazine type book with a hard square edge into my eye. She came from the side and the book went right into the white part. At first, the doc thought my husband hit me, but I said, no it was the toddler. Fortunately, it was just a large bright red bruise and it healed up eventually. Freak accidents do make you think....

Avatar universal
by marsidoats, Apr 20, 2011
Some of these comments are good, while others are just "plain stupid".  Common sense everyone works every time.  i used to smoke and cannot tell you how many time I brushed against something with that thing, and burned carpet, couches, who knows what.  And to think of a little child getting burned, I cringe at this.  Our children are "precious gifts from God".  We should not even smoke around them anyway.  I had done all this stuff, and regret that time, but can always move forward, and change anything in my life that is not healthy for me or my children, and now grandchildren.
Insofar as any accidents, they say. most accident occur at home, and could have been prevented.  

Avatar universal
by Pennyaire2, Apr 20, 2011
Toddlers have caused me accidental injuries to my eyes and nose. My two year old son (now 27) was sitting on my lap and combing my hair with one of those very large handled combs, when he hit me in the eye with it. There was intense pain and tearing that caused a trip to the ER. I had to wear a patch on my eye for 10 days.

757137 tn?1347196453
by allmymarbles, Apr 21, 2011
Well, when I reached out for a bottle the same size as my eye-drops bottle, I didn't wind up with superglue in my eye, but a supplement. I rinsed and rinsed my eye and, aside from a minor irritation, my eye was fine. I am very careful now because superglue is always around, as well as other things in the same size bottles.

Avatar universal
by amali1999, Aug 03, 2011
"While doing gardening, I usually only work my prescription eye glasses. I was weeding *near* a "date" tree and one of the pointy leaves found it's way under my classes and poked me slightly in the eye. So, now I wear safety goggles that fit over glasses whenever I down in the garden. I didn't think much about the minor eye-injury, but luckily I went to a Optometrist appointment the next day. The doctor noticed the small "open wound" in my eye and he gave me some antibiotic eye drops to put in the eye. So I learned a lesson: get any eye injury checked out by a Doctor. YAY Doctors! Next step for me is to order prescription safety glasses. "

susolov, I thought an optometrist is not a doctor.

Avatar universal
by duanloves, Jan 03, 2012
I've heard of stories of those cooking and had hot air/oil that melts the contact lenses that can make you go blind.
But that does not mean one should stop cooking with contacts. The chances of it happening is low. It is totally preventable as you say it however it is up to anyone to take the gamble. "Sometimes playing with fire can be fun".

2006907 tn?1329270239
by ejc721, Jan 28, 2012

Avatar universal
by dan2233, Feb 18, 2013
HI Doc, thanks for the good information. BTW could you review your most commonly used mono IOLS and what you think
of each, there pros and cons etc.  Thanks much.  Dan

Avatar universal
by kaepernick7, May 11, 2013
I was accidently prescribed PROPARACAIN to put in my eye every 2 hours as needed for pain. it made my eye feel better on through the night. then I got a call from the hospital. a lady that knows our family just happen to notice when she was doing a follow up phone call that I requested..to her shock she saw the doctors orders, and the size of the bottle that they gave me...she informed me that it should have never left the hospital emergency room, and to throw it away, that it was for emergency purposes only. asked about how my vision was and I could only see clouds out of that eye....anyway., I now have permanent damage, but am wondering if it can be helped maybe just even a little....because even the amount of scaring left is enough to stress me out a lot...,when my brain desides it wants to look., because ever since it happened it's hard to talk to people with eye contact, and sunlight is even worse now....some new glasses help a little, but it looks like a hill going to the left side. pluss nothing tottaly gets ride of that slight glaze, and cloudiness that varies depending on point of focus.

Avatar universal
by mariepi, Feb 26, 2014
Before surgery for cataracts I was wearing glasses all the time. Complaint a lot about dirty glasses  when cooking they would get dirty oily. When I came home from surgery hubby had few nice safety wrap around  glasses for me, one with sparkly rhinestones for cooking, one with fuchsia ( don't care much for that color but..) nose piece for the washing room and an other one for all other activities. My new lens cost so much I have to protect my eyes now and this was a show of love from him. He is a keeper. He was a safety manager when he was working now retired, he saw a lot of horrific happenings even if safety glasses were supposed to be worn.  

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by PHale, Sep 26, 2015
When I was in my late twentys, my eye was really bothering me so I got my bottle of drops from my purse went to the mirrow in the hair salon where I was working and just as the drop started to reach my eye I saw that it was nail glue (just like super glue!) I immediately took out my contact. I was wearing gas permeables, thank goodness! I think it saved my eye. Then flushed it with water for about five- ten minutes. Then went home to bed to let my eye rest . It glued my eye lashes together but no permanent damage was done to my eye. Now I look at every bottle with reading glasses to be sure it is the right liquid I am putting in my eye.

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