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loss of my wife cindy  lapband surgery w/ enlarged liver

Nov 01, 2009 - 2 comments

oct 16th 20009 i lost my wife Cindy L.Souza, she had lapband surgery i didn't want her to have it I loved her no matter what.everything went well brought her home on the 15th we were joking aroundthat when she lost weight she would go work pt time as a dancer i told her yeah right?  she started laughing.she would always call me babycakes.we watch tv she told me she was going to shower  and as usual she always forgot babycakes can u get me a towel, yeah,babycakes can u get me my jamis. sure babycakes can u get me a smoke ok.she went to bed at 10pm so i kissed her and told her i love you and made the sign of the cross on her like i always did when she wasn't feeling good she would smile and say why do you always do that?  i would say caise i love you and care for you.she would smile. well i can't sleep at night cause of my endstage liver disease,i went to slepp at 0630 amon the 16th and her alarm went off at 0800.i gave her a nodge to turn it off and nothing so i turned around and touched her,she was ice cold. took her c-pac mask off and noticed her lips were purple and she wasn't breathing so i strated cpr called 911 they got here in less than5 minutes took me out of the room they told me she was gone for a couple of hours that i couldn't have done anything for wasn't suppoed to be her it was supposed to be me. she was 37 yrs old.i am still waiting for the results of the autopsy. it could have been a clot, her liver was enlarged they had to move it to do the lap band.etc. I don't believe in this lapband it can slip and choke someone, heart attacks, clots infections and so on read before you do it.i shal miss her with all heartshe is not suffering no more,

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784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Nov 02, 2009
im so sorry that your going thru this....she is still there with you watching over you..... god is good and he is taking good care of her.....stay strong

766574 tn?1238465473
by jr1963, Nov 02, 2009
turkee23, thank prayers go out to you,I know she is in a better place and not suffering,but i miss her so much. i am the one thats ill i have endsatge liver disease. i just know if the surgery would have not taken place she would still be here.god has her in a very good place. again thank you from raymond  jr1963

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