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My wonderful, silly, and funny Daddy. God Bless his soul.

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My Dad was lucky enough to enjoy all the great electronic conveniences, well some anyway. After he retired from the steel industry in Detroit, he & Mom moved to Tulsa, Ok to work for a coffee company as an exec. I lived in Cali. So one day I answered the phone and it was Daddy and he said "Sissy, guess where I am standing talking to you?"
"Where Dad?" "In the middle of the street" (like it was the greatest marvel known to man) He went on to explain his newly acquired "cell" phone. I said that's great dad but please get out of the street to talk? He was equally excited about answering machines, riding lawn mowers and had an especially good time with his portable voice recorder. This is the funny part. We drove from Detroit to Tennessee every summer to visit the grandparents, (awesome memories there) So before we even started the car my Dad turned on the machine and said "Trip to Tenn from Det, Mi. 5:45 am, route to be taken everything. Then every time we stopped to eat or get fuel, "10:00am stopping to eat for 25 minutes then will continue on. He could talk while driving too so he would describe his favorite landmarks along the way.Just thoroughly got a kick and a half out of his new travel recorder. If I thought this was funny or odd, I don't have any memory of it, Just my Dad doing Dad things. Then the really great part of this recording of history was playing it back to my Uncle Hubert who would listen intently and thought it was decidedly the greatest thing since sliced bread. God Bless them both R.I.P. to both. I would give anything to have one more day with my Daddy.
I love you Dad, thank you for a wonderful life. You were what all men should thrive to be.

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