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Nov. 2, 09

Nov 02, 2009 - 0 comments

Halloween was fun. I dressed up for the first time in years. Just found out my husband's Dad is going thru kidney failure. His Mom asked us to move in with her to help her keep up the house. (2 story plantation home, 5br, 2ba, pool, formal diningroom, formal livingroom, and the one everybody else uses.) It's a lot for anyone, but His Mom is in her mid 80s now, and soon she may be alone there, so we agreed to move in. Our lease here is up in 2 months, but I think we can get out a little early. It's good for me to be of service, and this is a time for family to rally 'round. I think we'll be moved in in about 3 weeks, just before the end of the month.


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