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Blazin Blowin Drinkn and poppin..Its what i do... now how do i stop?

Nov 07, 2009 - 4 comments













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I have been doing drugs since 9th grade. I started smoking freshman year and by junior year i was popping vikes before rock shows(I was in a band). that slowing progressed.. my junior year i was also one of the biggest weed dealers in my school. I thought it was cool to blaze 5 or 6 bongs before school with friends. Soon i started snortin them perKS. Since then ive blown coke a few times, smoked the finest cali trees, and sipped the finest wines. Life was great.

My band broke up. I now smoked my days away, i still jogged and went to the gym and everything. I also was snorting alot of pills. spending most of my checks on perKs and weed and anything else i could get my hands on.

I dont think blazing is such a big deal. its helped me open up my mind to other things that i wouldnt have opened my mind too. I could also freestyle lyrics like a mad man on the bowl. i was freesytling at live shows the dopest shitz i ever heard out of anybody.

Now i have no band i am going to college soon for music and art. But i think the pills have to stop its just that i think of stopping and then i snort a couple vikes and perks and im gone.I am still a year under 20 and havent been able to stop. i get pain in my side kidney area when i wake up and it doesnt go away until i blow again.

I needa stop because i repspect myself. but then i go back to my world surrounded in music and parties and i just cant cut loose. Im in good health.

Should i stop or should i keep going until i get sick of it. Im going to college in a couple months and i was hoping i wouldnt have time or the means to pop pills. Should i keep going and see if i get sick of it or should i stop immeadiately which ive been trying to do but without emotional distress or anything i just pop em up.

can i still have music, babes, and the college life without drugs. Let me hear from some people that have been to college lately.

Thanks guys

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by amindmadeup, Nov 07, 2009
if you wait until you get sick of it, you'll be waiting for a very long time. You personally may get sick of all the drugs but your body wont let you stop. you need to really want to drop this and move on with your life. Ive been around people while they're high off their *** and snorting pills and im sorry but its not someone id want to get involved with. I think if you stop you can still have your music, girls and the college life will be a lot easier. college is very tough not going to lie but factoring drugs into that isnt going to make it any easier. develope the willpower and move on with your life. you sound like you've got a lot to look forward to, dont let drugs take that away.

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by 10356, Nov 07, 2009
Hi although I'm much older then you the statement you are in good health caught my eye.. Kidney pain is nothing to mess with. I like you had pain in my kidney but would slam the heroin and the pain magically disappear I ended up having my kidney removed it was so bad and now em at stage 3 kidney disease.. Please make a Dr. app. and have the pain checked.. people do not realize the impact of drugs on this organ or the liver. snorting vics and such has a lot of buffers in it and lord knows what that does I know the cut in H screws with people.. You sound like you have a career in mind and I can say addiction will take both the career and you health.. Get into counseling attend AA NA meetings gain as much knowledge as you can about addiction.. Do not let it steal your dreams... lesa

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by kim715, Nov 07, 2009
I'm a lot older then you also.The 'good health' caught my eye too,but Lesa seems to have given you wonderful advise.Shes a smart lady,listen to her,that pain is nothing to be ignored.
You also asked should you stop now or wait until you're sick of it.The truth of the matter is that you won't stop until you yourself are sick and tired of being sick and tired,and if that isn't already the case,unfortunately if you keep doing what you're doing,before long it will be.....BUT then,if you're like most addicts[and if you keep going down this path,if you're not already,you will become addicted],the fear of the dope sick,will keep you using even longer.Like I said I am a lot older then you and I hope to God you take my advice...STOP NOW!!!!! don't be like me and so many others here.Like Lesa said,don't let it steal your dreams and replace them with a life time full of regrets and missed opportunities.PLEASE learn from our mistakes.You're headed down a slippery slope,find your bearings and get yourself grounded before it's too late....Kim

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by JennyGirl800, Dec 07, 2009
I've never had a drug problem, I've never done anything besides drink and I've smoked weed a couple of times. I don't know how accurate my opinion is, but if you ask me it's probably best for you to stop this behavior sooner rather than later.  I think it can probably only get harder as time goes by.

I'm on the other end of an addiction problem, my boyfriend has been struggling with opioid use for a while, and even still I don't know much about the whole process because he leaves me completely in the dark. Trust me, your drug use will only hurt the people around you, the ones who care about you. And waiting will only make it worse.

You're wondering if you should stop now or wait until you get sick of it. Do you think you ever will get sick of it? I don't know much about blowing pills but I've heard that users really love the feeling. If you're already having pain and needing the drugs to make it go away, I think you should take that as a sign that this is already getting serious.

It's definitely going to be hard for you to stop if you are constantly surrounded by the drugs in a music and party atmosphere. If the people you surround yourself with are doing drugs, that's the easiest way to get sucked in. I suggest you find better, more productive ways to spend your time. Like I said, I have never experienced addiction, but I have been to my share of parties, and I'm sure not everyone feels the same way I do, but after so much partying it gets old and I've ended up feeling pretty lousy with myself. I've smoked weed only a handful of times but every time it's made me like **** about myself. I have felt like I am a waste; like I should be doing better things with my time. That's just the way I am, I'm sure not everyone feels this way. All I'm trying to say is that if you finally stop doing drugs, you will feel so much better about yourself. I think drug use is a pretty vicious cycle, you do drugs and then you feel lousy about it, and then you use them again because you feel lousy. I think that's how it goes a lot of the time.

You said that you respect yourself and that is great. What you need to do is make a change. If you don't like what you're doing with the people you hang out with then you need to find different people to spend your time with. I know it's easier said than done. I'm in a situation right now where I'm trying not to spend too much time with friends who I know aren't a good influence on me. It isn't easy. Maybe you can still see your friends and talk to them but not party so much. Don't put yourself in a situation where you're going to be tempted.

You mentioned that you used to go to the gym. I definitely think you should continue doing that. I exercise all the time and I would recommend it to anyone. Working out makes you feel good about yourself, relieves stress, gets your mind off things, and all that good stuff. It releases serotonin in the brain to make you happy so you feel naturally high! Get back into it and set weekly goals for yourself, it will make everything easier! You'll feel awesome about yourself and that's the most important thing.

As for you getting babes without drugs, you absolutely can! And you'll most likely get the type of girl who will be good for you instead of a bad influence. If it's not just one girl you want but many, I'm sure you can pull that off too. There are thousands of girls at college. And you can still have the college life without drugs. College isn't all about that. It's about making friends, experiencing a new lifestyle, becoming independent, and learning (I know, how boring! haha). You can still party and have fun without drugs. Play some beer pong and make some new friends, but be responsible about it!

Please try to deal with this sooner rather than later. I've seen how hard it can be when it gets bad. You need to take care of yourself, you're the only one who can make that choice. You're already taking initiative and I think that's great. Change your life before things get bad. I know it's probably hard to take advice from a girl who's never been there, but I hope I've helped in some way!  :)

p.s. Sorry this was so long! Sometimes I get carried away when I'm trying to be positive...

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