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Nov 12, 2009 - 1 comments






I've lost 4 lbs since sunday, but i dont know if i should be happy about it.. like obviously i am but the only reason i lost it is because ive been sick and unable to eat more than once a day. no matter what tho im stoked i lost some weight! sadly i havent weight this little in a long time and thats horrible because i am still obese.

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by lemonjelly, Nov 12, 2009
Its unhealthy to lose more than i think about 2-3 lbs in one week, because the body needs a certain amount (around 1000) calories a day to function the heart, respiratory system etc, and possibly moreso when someone is overweight, but what is important is your feeling of happiness. Remember how it made you feel everytime you get the bus instead of walk or make a cheese toastie instead of have a salad :)

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