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Went to the casino

Nov 14, 2009 - 0 comments






I wnt to the casino with about 15 friends we rent some appartements ( its waas like a hotel but with appartements instead with basement and stuff ) it was really we had 3 appartment to party after the casino... I didnt spent much at the casino.. spent more time in the bar since money was invested into my belly instead of a machine... spent 25$ in the machines and i took 5 mins... drank 5 beers at the bar and i took 2-3 hours for the same price... i saw all my friends losing money and it was funny. after that it was the big party at our rented appartements and we had a great great time and i was feelin extremly good. Saw some friends i havent seen in 1 months or 2 so it was good to see them.

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