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Is this a simple cyst, in the most complicated body????

Nov 16, 2009 - 4 comments

Well Friday I got home form work, and hubby had had a phonecall from hospital, telling him they had made an appointment for me to see the surgeon assisting with the removal of my ovarian cyst. So today I got to see him, as apparently, he had to let the gyns know if he thought thay could safely remove cyst, and if he would assist them for the surgery. The main problem for me, is the mesh I had inserted for hernia repair in 2003, has made it very difficult for them to work out how to remove cyst without causing a bowel perforation. I had the hernia surgeons report, and photos of the surgery that were given to me in 2003, showing how the mesh is anchored inside. When this new surgeon saw the photos he asked me was this a painful operation at the time, and I told him it was the worst surgery I've ever had. He said he thought so, cause there is an overkill of titanium screws in my pelvic area, and then continued on to tell me that the mesh that I have is the worst possible type to try to re-operate through, JOY, why wasn't I suprised. He has agreed to assist, and has made it very clear that there can be lots of major complications associated with the upcoming surgery. Not only do I have to worry about the removal of the cyst (they are now not even thinking of removing ovaries), the possibility of the cyst contents spilling, my bowel being perforated and needing a resection, but apparently the mesh used has a high risk of infection. All this, just to find out if this 6cm cyst, that has been causing me so much grief, is benign or not. God, I don't even want to even think about the possibility of cancer. All the while I am just so exhausted, not sure if its the pain meds or what the hell is happening at the moment, but I am struggling so much trying to work and deal with all these health problems. I have shut myself off from my friends, as I feel like such a downer, and just want to sleep when I'm not at work. Financially I really need to battle on, but I wish my hubby would just say, "I think you need a proper break, to get yourself better", and I know he probably would like to, but knows how much we'd struggle. Well thats my rant, at least I know the hospital is working behind the scenes to try to get this all sorted, and the pain has eased alot this week, but I feel SOOO unwell.

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483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Nov 16, 2009
I really feel for you and what you are going through.  I am rather surprised they don't want to remove the ovaries.  What happens if you get another cyst and having the surgery being so risky?  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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by lvfrogs, Nov 16, 2009
Wow, this is really complicated. I wish I could say that they should just leave you alone, not do any surgery, but I know you are in pain too. Is there any chance that this could go away on it's own? I don't remember if you have been through menopause or not. I hate to see you struggle so much. I agree with Trudie. If they are going to go in there, then take the ovaries out and not risk needing another surgery. I am sorry you are going through so much. This is a difficult decision.
Sending prayers and hugs,

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by Cherie762, Nov 25, 2009
ranting is good its healthy and helps you to understand your feelings and others to try to help you.

I have to agree with Trudie I think you would benifit from another opinion, I am not one to think having ovaries removed is the best first choice, however in your case I am concerned why the drs are not presenting this as a opition to you.

the mesh you speak of has been troubesome for many for past few years,,It is something new w the type used past 5 years or so that seems to be under investingation.

I had a hyster,,then a year later a BSO because of a large functional cyst on left ovary that was addheared to my intestines,,very very painful. I choose to have healthy right ovary removed as to not have to have another surgery down the road and I was concerned that should I ever develop ovarian cancer it would be quite hard to detect w no other female organs and would likely be stage 3 or 4 before detected,.

Your at an age where you should really think and speak w other drs to get a few opinions,.You have three women here answering you basically the same we all run different forums...please get another dr,

good luck , cherie

1046985 tn?1305117048
by wannasmile63, Nov 26, 2009
Thanks Ladies,
I ended up in hospital the day after writing above post, and have just written word for word my surgery report to my journal. Its absolutely horrifying to think of the consequences had I not listened to you all, and most of all my own body. I'm guessing I've probably gone through menopause, surely my ovaries couldn't have been functioning with all that was going on inside. I am finding myself very sad and crying alot, so maybe some hormonal thing happening. I really can't thank you all enough, and want you all to know how special and important your love and concern means to me. I wish I could just give you all a big hug in person. Love to you all,

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