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Nov 15, 2009 - 2 comments

I went to the Gap yesterday and I bought 4 long sleeved cotton t-shirts! Now I will be warmer and hopefully that means less chance that I will catch cold and less chance of triggering breathing problems.

I was amazed, though, that I could literally find only one style of shirt in the entire store that didn't have angora wool in it or regular wool in it. I'm so allergic to those things, not to mention that those textures trigger extreme allodynia.

Once, when I was shopping with a friend, she joked that I had some sort of super wool finding power because I could tell if something had wool in it just by lightly touching it (because, the contact area of skin will immediately react painfully... prolonged exposure, over a day or something, will result in a rash). No matter what item of clothing she found, no matter how small a percent of wool it had in it, no matter what type of wool (cashmere, etc.), my hand would immediately jump away as if burned had the items contained any amount of wool, and if the item was wool-free my hand would stay on the item and I would exclaim "this is okay." She was amazed. But that's extreme allodynia for you... it is like a super power... a somewhat useless super power... but a super power no less! Also, it is a super power that makes it very difficult and painful to shop during the winter.

Still, I found my four long sleeved tops and I am very happy! No more cold arms for me!

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1052851 tn?1307741160
by doctora, Nov 16, 2009
Im jealous - I need some winter sweaters. I didnt realize it until I cleaned out my closet. Its looking pretty grim my friend.

768044 tn?1294223436
by marileew, Nov 16, 2009
I know! I don`t understand how all the winter clothes from past years disappear!! I guess they get worn out or we change sizes sometimes too. The cold sneaked up on me so fast this year, I wasn't prepared at all either!

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