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Rusty's vet visit today. 2-12-15 my birthday.

Feb 12, 2015 - 0 comments

All the ladies looked at Rusty and he's crooked little smile and declared him very very cute. They gushed over him like cra-cra.  There was a beautiful white somoya dog, and a really pretty mini=colie that looked just like a mini Lassie! But they still went on and on with Rusty. I guess he has something special, I sure think so!
It feels good to know he is all up to date on every, he got he's Heartworm test, neg! Heartworm pills for six months.
Excellent flea control, three shots poor baby. He was as good as gold. He had to accidents (or on purposes) in the place, so mama was very proud. He does have to go back in two months to get a tooth worked on, maybe even pulled. :(  I always give him hard rawhide for his teeth, and now "they" are saying rawhide is no good for your dog as it can end up caught in the intestines, that's a $3,000 OP. No hard bones either because they can sp;inter and choke!! Nothing is safe anymore, it's a real problem they are taking away so many of Rusty's little joys in life, ya know? Just like people! The vet had quoted me $93.00 on the phone, so I took out one hundred. Then when they said that will be $$180 Michael, thank God helped me out. So I am def not going to say anything else about a tattoo. They got me a Safeway chocolate cake, yum, and ice cream so I have had a very nice birthday with my family and beloved Rusty. I just heard that it is also Meegy's birthday today!! Who knew??? Love an Aquarian today!  xo

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