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Thank you!

Nov 19, 2009 - 18 comments

I just wanted to thank all of my medhelp girls for all of the good wishes you have sent me and my family.. we all appreciate it so much.. I can't even put into words just how  much you ladies mean to me .. so thank you!   Hadley is holding her own..  probably will be in the niccu for 4-6 more weeks .. but hopefully we will all be home for a very Merry and Thankful Christmas.. congrats to all the other november mommies.. i would have never guessed i would be a november mommy... but i guess god had other plans for miss hadley <3  Im just very grateful my family is safe..  so once again a big thank you from Matt, Aubree, Hadley and I

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924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Nov 19, 2009
Oh, she is just beautiful!! Just perfect little angel!! God bless her!!! Congratulations again!!

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by pertykitty, Nov 19, 2009
she is just perfect!!! im so relieved you are all doing ok and what a great xmas gift!  congrats mama.  what does aubree say about little sis?

171768 tn?1324230099
by tiredbuthappy, Nov 19, 2009
omg... what a beautiful, angelic face. congrats.

127124 tn?1326735435
by have 2 kids, Nov 19, 2009
Congratulations on Hadleys birth!  

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Nov 19, 2009
Wow, perfection does come in small packages.  She is absolutely gorgeous!!  Congrats hon, and give little Aubree a big snuggle for me.  She will be a wonderful big sister I'm sure!!  Glad to hear Hadley is doing so well.  XOXO

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Nov 19, 2009
What a beauty. I am so happy to hear Mom and baby are doing so well. :)

184342 tn?1282588750
by tatorbug40, Nov 19, 2009
She really is perfect!  Beautiful.  Congratulations again!  

800427 tn?1324945719
by Sunkissed19, Nov 19, 2009
she is so beautiful! congrats!

193609 tn?1292180293
by Cheyenne_08, Nov 19, 2009
She is beautiful! Is she already in an open crib? That is awesome!!!! Incubators are no fun!!!!

525485 tn?1314361301
by Lance06, Nov 19, 2009
Ang, I am so glad all is well and that you have another beautiful blessing in your life! COngrats Momma!

353148 tn?1293061164
by blessedmomof3, Nov 19, 2009
Yipee!!!! She's here! She is beautiful!

1055824 tn?1387073424
by Jenny101407, Nov 19, 2009
Congrats she's adorable! I hope she's well and I hope you get her home soon! God Bless!

284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Nov 19, 2009
she was in the enclosed littel crib for a day just until they could get her tempeture stabalized but shes mostly in an open crib except for at night b/c she needs all the monitors and stuff

193609 tn?1292180293
by Cheyenne_08, Nov 19, 2009
Wow Ang, that is GREAT! Ashtyn was in his incubator for 2.5 weeks, and everyone in the NICU says moving to an open crib is a huge step! I am so excited for your little fighter :-)

284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Nov 20, 2009
really? i had no idea..  yeah she is pretty much in a open crib most of the time .. i had no idea that was a huge step.. u seriously made my day!  the nurses never said anything about it to me...  thansk chey!

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Nov 20, 2009
Just beautiful!  Congratulations agan!

210400 tn?1325380570
by amberd5191, Nov 28, 2009
She is gorgeous! Congrats, and sending tons of love and prayers!

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Dec 19, 2009
She is beautiful hon, I wish you nothing but the best.

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