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So how does one live in limbo?

Feb 17, 2015 - 0 comments

II did a post on my blog recently on this topic ->

Link to specific post is ->

Things are going fairly well at this point. My part-time job is trying to fix the weakness of my right side, clumsy right hand and overall balance, by doing aqua fit and aqua therapy.  And waiting, finally, for a lumbar puncture which is on either March 5 or 17 (will find out for sure next week).

Currently not in a relapse.  Fatigue minimal.  Feeling productive (and have been for a few months now -- feels great).  Slight limp and gait issues, otherwise you would never know anything was wrong.  Electrical zings continue, which I'm now taking Cymbalta for.  It worked for a couple of months but have just had to increase the dose so I can sleep through them.  Sigh.  I also get side effects from the Cymbalta but so far, they are not a deal breaker.  It seems as soon as I get accustomed to the side effects at a certain dosage, the med also stops  being effective.  Grrrr.

Wonder how long this will last??? :P

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