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Nov 24, 2009 - 3 comments

Low back pain










spinal stenosis


Herniated discs


cauda equina syndrome

This is my first journal entry.  I'm a 37 year old female living in agony.  The pain going down my back and into both legs has caused me to be disabled.  My left leg is significantly worse.  I am  m.iserable.  I want someone to chat with that has made it past this point or dealing with the same.  I lay in bed most days with ice or heat.  Some meds I am using, but am trying to avoid heavy narcotics.  I almost died taking them not once but twice.  I am possibly looking at surgery, but without insurance until April of 2010.  

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by sayno, Nov 24, 2009
Hey ive been through that....i had no insurrence for 5 yrs then i finnally could afford the surgery its a long hard road but thier are somethings i did that did make it a little easier.

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by doctora, Nov 24, 2009
Since I broke my back, I have cronic pain in my back, which shoots down my legs, especially on damp days.

I however am on meds., I dont think I could tolerate the pain if I wasnt - I went a week before the hospital even gave me an xray, and I was trying to get around with broken vertibrae's - brilliant.

I also have herniated disks, and severe osteoporosis, so my whole lifestyle, which was very active (physically), I cant do anymore. They said my bones were that of an 87 yr old, im 45 and used to teach kickboxing, and other sports, now I cant do them, plus I get the extra pleasure of breaking bones constantly.

If you need to chat, I am here. I am on most days.

Hope you feel better very soon!

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by Shirl464, Jan 28, 2010
I have restless leg syndrome which drives me crazy. I get out of bed 4-5 times just about every night - and it's only when I urinate that I can go back to bed, but this happens every 1/2 hr or so for 2-3 hrs then I settle down. Listening to some of your health issues - I feel lucy. I pray that each & everyone of you can find out what the problems are and that you get better soon.

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