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No wonder I had pain- My surgery report for 20/11/09

Nov 26, 2009 - 4 comments

Laparoscopy proceeded to midline laparotomy + insertion and removal of uretic stents + bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with ovarian cysts + adhesiolysis of intra-abdominal adhesions.

FINDINGS- Dense intra abdominal adhesions of omentum and colon to anterior abdominal wall and adnexae. Right ovary/cyst NECROTIC and twisted- 6cm cyst. Right hydrosalpinx. Left ovary multicystic 5cm.

PROCEDURE- GA Lithotomy position, betadine to perineal ans vaginal areas, IDC inserted. Laparoscopy-betadine prep, drape. 12mm incision intraumbilical. Careful open entry with finger dissection of omental adhesions. 12mm blunt port inserted. Laparoscopy- unable to see ovarian cysts, dense adhesions to anterior abdominal wall. Decision for Laparotomy. Insertion of ureteric stents- cystoscopy and insertion of bilateral ureteric stents. IV gentamicin given IDC re-inserted. Laparotomy- midline incision. Opening of sheath and mesh. Dissection of bowel and omentum from underside ofmesh, and also from right ovarian cyst- extensive adhesiolysis. Right ovary and cyst mass untwisted. Peritoneal washings taken for cytology. Right ovary/cyst/tube clamped, cut and suture with 1 vicryl. Both specimens sent for histology. Wash. Satisfactory haemostasis. Omental biobsy for histology. Difficult to assess if any lymphadenopathy or perioneal disease due to bumpiness of adhesions and mesh. Mesh/sheath mass closure with 1 nylon (loop). 1 vicryl interrupted to subcutaneous layer. 3-0 moncryl subcuticular, dressing applied. Ureteric stents removed. Tips complete. EBL=250ml

So there it is, no wonder I have been in so much pain, and hate to think of what the outcome could have been, if I didn't persistantly go to hospital. With a necrotic ovary, which means dead, and like gangrene, anything could have happened. I still haven't recieved the results of biopsies, but surely I've had my fair share of health problems.

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1006035 tn?1485575897
by skepticalpeach, Nov 26, 2009
That is an amazing story. I don't understand why doctors (I hate to say it) are so STUPID when it comes to women's health problems!? I have a friend who was told that she was faking her pain just to get medication at one ER that she went to. It's so insulting to be questioned like that. I'm uncomfortable taking BC and my doctor told me she assumed that I wouldn't be open to surgery either. WTF? I don't want to die! I'm glad you took matters into your own hands and are here today to post your story on this forum. I came close to losing my sister to endo/cysts. It's such a serious thing that doctors don't seem to understand how to diagnose.

187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Nov 27, 2009
I'm glad that's out now. Nice surgical notes.

No wonder you felt so terrible. I don't know if it makes a difference but I have a female doctor now and she jumps right in on any female issues. Even when I had my surgery, I had a female surgeon and she didn't mess around. I don't recall getting this much attention from the male doctors in the past. Just a generalization I know but it sure seems different to me.

You still have a few weeks of recovery ahead of you. Be sure to rest. Your insides have been pulled and pushed all around. Here's wishing you a healthier new year.


483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Nov 27, 2009
So glad you pushed and got the treatment you needed.  Another good example of a person knowing their own body.  Recover well and hope you'll continue to share and contribute on the forum.  

All the best, Trudie

329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Nov 27, 2009
Wow, I can barely read and understand this! You have been through so much. I hope and pray that your recovery will continue and that you will be feeling much better soon. Just take this time to rest, sleep. Sleep will be the best thing for you!  Hope to hear soon that you are feeling good and thanks for letting us know!!

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