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5 sleeps til the big MOVE

Feb 23, 2015 - 10 comments

can I just say thank you? for absolutely everything?
as i'm still sad to be moving/ending things with someone I thought I'd really be with forever... I'm SO happy to have stumbled upon this website after losing Levi.
The friends I've made here have helped me through it and made me stronger after my loss, and helped me be strong enough to be there not only to offer my condolences and 'I've been there, you're totally normal's', but to let people know, this sh*t happens, and it ***** - BAD. But you will find it easier to deal with, and I say that instead of 'get over it'... because you never get over the loss of a child. Whether it was a blob of cells, a baby who you knew wouldn't make it outside of the womb, or a child who lived for a few yrs and something tragic happened.
The movie 'Return to Zero' says it best. A loss is still a loss. And that couldn't be truer.
In the coming weeks I'm probably going to be a blubbering baby at the thought I don't live with Corey, and that we are actually not together, but I know I'm going to come out of this such a better, stronger person who is less naïve. I will have a wall up, again. But now, I have 2 babies to think about. And one of them isn't so little anymore and I need to protect her heart better than my own.
T-minus 5 sleeps 'til I go into full on Momma Bear Mode.

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by ribaby15, Feb 23, 2015
ps. why is $uck  a bad word? lol.

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by KTowne, Feb 23, 2015
You are going to do great!! Soon stress will be gone, it will beheartbresking, but you will move on and be so much happier! You just stay the strong badass that you are and good will find you!!!

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by Mrs_teddy_bear, Feb 23, 2015
I wish I had something better to say but KTowne said it perfectly. Keep going momma!

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by ribaby15, Feb 23, 2015
my 'give a damn' is busted at the moment, lol.
I deleted his number and ALL texts and screen shots of texts from my phone as well.

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by Mrs_teddy_bear, Feb 23, 2015
Good for you. The sooner you get him out of your life the happier you will be. I actually had to steal my friend's phone and delete her ex's number and everything because even though she had been single for months they would still text and she would get her hopes up. Best (mean) thing I ever did to her. She met a new guy and just got married in November.

I drove another friend to her boyfriend's house so she could break up with him (she didn't have a car at the time). He was verbally abusive and I wouldn't stand for it and I told her she deserved better. Funniest part was the guy lived at home and I stood outside while she went in to break up and his mom and I started talking through the window. I explained why we were their and sadly she completely understood. As we were leaving he started yelling at us from the second floor and I heard his mom start yelling at him for basically making an a$$ of himself. Six months later I introduced her to a friend of mine and now they have been married for 5 years and have a beautiful little girl.

If I lived near  you I would have helped you packed weeks ago and had you living with me until you had your place(That's the kind of thing I would do).  You deserve better. Every woman deserves to feel as though she is the most important thing in her man's life. I don't mean treat him like a slave or anything but you should be his number one priority.

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by veronica0808, Feb 23, 2015
Well I really dont know the story but by your words i can tell was not a nice one.. The good thing is that you are not letting the situation bring u diwn but u are willing to move on...  You will find lot of support in mh as i did plenty of times that i been down.. Keep ur head out and try to not stress much for ur baby and ur own health.. One day at a tume u will b fine :-)

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by ribaby15, Feb 23, 2015
caught myself START to think 'wonder if he'll text me next week', cause he was there when I made my u/s appt. It's on the 3rd. And then I was like, who cares? He was there last time, but I'd have rather gone alone with the way his demeanor was.
It's time like this I wish I could just go out and dance and drink and makeout with some hottie i'll never talk to again... Then I remember I'm almost 28.. And pregnant lol. But only til September! ;)

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by mhv, Feb 23, 2015
Your life is going to be so busy and your heart so full  with your littke girl, and this new baby, that "boy" will no longer be able to find room to fit in your heart.  What he was is all smoke and mirrors.  He is a weak man, that I can promise you, will never know true happiness.  
When you are leaving, hold your head up high, and Do Not give him the satisfaction of seeing your tears. Please!  

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by ribaby15, Feb 23, 2015
mhv, you're so sweet.
And I agree, I've already told him I felt bad for him. He's going to live a very lonely life, whether it be by himself, or with someone he's lying to as he did with me...

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by Hollus, Feb 23, 2015
I am so proud of you my friend and I am so glad that you are able to move forward in spite of all the heartache!

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