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5 Weeks

Feb 23, 2015 - 0 comments

5 weeks









So, to start off my baby journal I am 22, 5 weeks along and this is my first pregnancy. I'm scared and anxious but hopeful that everything will be alright. I can't say that me and my boyfriend are necessarily happy about this, we weren't planning this and we really aren't ready for this. I think ,though, after the first doctors appointment things will start looking up for us and we'll start getting excited about it. After all a baby is a miracle and a blessing, I think it's just gonna take us a little while to see that. Pregnancy is not what i expected, I'm bloated, my breasts are soar, my lower back hurts and I'm cramping. I have a friend who's 6 months along and was excited to find out i was lol. My family is worried for me as expected. My mother is not as accepting as my dad but I understand why. His's hard to say really. I'm not a fan of his father considering his father is a judgmental hypocrite and I'm pretty sure doesn't like the fact I'm Catholic and he's Baptist. The only thing i pray is that my baby is healthy and strong when he/she comes into the world. I will give Jesse (boyfriend) credit, he has stepped up and I'm confident whatever comes our way we will get through it together. After all were about to become our own family. :)

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