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8 yrs of health nightmares finally over

Feb 26, 2015 - 1 comments

It's been 8 yrs, since I began my health journey.  My nightmares began with Clonazepam.  Experiencing horrid withdrawals for nearly 3 yrs, during this time my thyroid began to swell, I learned later Klonopin destroyed my thyroid.  Through it all, I had horrid symptoms, mainly fatigue.  I could hardly get out of bed/function.  After numourous physicians, numerous testing, never giving up hope.  Finally my health has recovered.  I had multitude of disorders, that cycled, I truly believe Klonopin was the cause of all my health disorders.  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, diabetes, I developed strabismus, my vision became double, 2 surgeries restored my vision, my thyroid was removed, months and yrs of trying to figure out what was causing what, months and yrs of seeking answers from medical forums, so many people I would like to thank, that support me through out my journey.  

Now other then occassional infections.  I'm back to living a full healthy life.  My medical record is over 2000 pages !!!!  Mainly due to incompetant physicians, not being able to figure anything out.  Long as lab results reveal normal, all they care about.  But do not take everything is normal for an answer, if your not feeling well.  

I even travelled 100 miles out of town all directions, to meet with physicians, I believed could help me restore my health.

What I learned was most important through my journey, learn labs, how symptoms appear on labs.  Regardless of normal results.  Learn everything about your labs.  Keep a journal, how your feeling between each lab result.  I did this through out my hormone journey, some symptoms were horrid, unbearable, but I stuck with the treatments, learned what my labs were revealing.  My hormone meds were bounced up and down like a yo yo, between 150 - 225 Levo, learning my labs, I discovered my body works best at 162 Levo, 5 mcg T3,.  

Security was called in a few times, for losing my temper with physicians.  My thyroid was nearly the size of half a softball, all I kept hearing was your labs are normal for 5 yrs !!!!!  Although I was choking on food, taken to emergency.  I obtained opinions of several physicians, used each one against one another.  How come this physicians tells me this, and your telling me that.  Question physicians knowledge, make em feel like idiots.  But most of all, don't give up, till your health is restored.  

My journey should have not taken 8 yrs, but goes to show how imcompetant most physicians are in today's world.  Learn all you can about disorders your experiencing.  Question physicians.  

Wishing everyone well on thier journey.      


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by Dee1956, Aug 20, 2016
I stumbled across your journal. I am so sorry to hear how all of this happened to you.
Doctors are supposed to take your symptoms and blood work in to account.
I was like you and I had gained 40 lbs, was still told all my labs were normal.
What I did not know is that there is a range and as long as a person is in that range the doctors say you are fine when actually there could be a part of the range that is better for you.
Luckily a kind doctor tried me on T3 as he felt I was not normal.  I lost all that weight.
I must have been so lucky to have that doctor help me.
Thank you for sharing.  I am sure you have helped many people, even if they did not comment they read
Bless you for sharing

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