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Feb 26, 2015 - 0 comments





back nerve pain




nerve pain

About a month ago while working at my desk I got this sharp *** sting in the middle of back. It lasted for a second, then a few seconds later it happened again. Enough to make me yell out "ouch"! I wasn't doing anything out the norm. I didn't turn or twist. Ive had pinched nerves and muscle kinks. Thats not what this was. It was sudden painful zap that went camp and went 3 to for times in just a few brief moments. Like a 100 bees stinging me in that one spot.  
      Theses electric shock like stings come without warning. They aren't everyday or constant. But when I do get them I jolt in pain. However, now I'm noticing these pains to be more all over my my nerves are super overactive. In various points all over my back they sting and itch. Like little pinches and zaps from the base of my neck to my hips,, around my sides, & arms.
      What is going with me?

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