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New cataract surgeon supplies answers

Dec 03, 2009 - 0 comments



macular edema



On Dec. 2, 2009:  1) Was told that crystalens is stuck in the forward position.  That with YAG, pressure will be relieved in the capsule and it will allow lens to accomodate, though how much will depend on the eye muscles which with age, get weaker.  The Lasik correction was not mentioned.  It would be up to me if I wanted it.  Since I have nearsighted -1.50, I may want to leave it alone rather than have another procedure on top of another procedure.  Perhaps with accomodation I will get some reading ability.  2)  The error in measurement which gave me -1.50 can happen easily as  surgeons have a hard time measuring the length of the eye when a central cataract is in the way.  (I have seen posts that talk about techniques for measuring when cataract is in the way).  3)  All of this (YAG) can happen only when the macular edema is cleared up.  The cortizone shot I got on Nov. 11, may take two to three months to have full effect.  4)  Bad news is that I have pucker in both eyes. so I am faced with having distorted vision no matter what is done with the operated eye.  This surgeon also thought peeling is considered when eyesight is 20/70 or worse. ( I wonder where Jodie got her info otherwise).   I got the feeling that the cortizone shot is doing some good, (did he say I had edema in both eyes operated eye is a little worse?)  though this new doctor had nothing to compare the OCT which he did for both eyes to.  I now know why my range of vision is so poor - the crystalens is not flexing.  It is in the fuild-filled capsule, being pushed forward because of excess fluid in back of it.  A YAG hole will release fluid.  (I must check Dr. O's comments on size of yag opening, etc., with crystalens).

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