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My Penis is still numb and cold feeling

Feb 28, 2015 - 3 comments

My penis









Well I went and got a blood test again now my Testosterone level is 1200 apparently says my doctor. However I thought that Low-T was causing my numbness however I do not think it is .... the problem. I do believe that either I have Puednal nerve entrapment or I have perihprhial penile nueropathy. However it was Periphrial Nueropathy my penis would not be cold and feeling dead all around.

I have not fallen asleep with a **** ring or with a device around my penis.

The cause of my penile numbness is either Periphiral Nueropathy or Pudenal nerve entrapment. As I say again I am guessing it is Puednal Nerve entramptment due to the over all numbness my testicals feel numb as well. There must be a blockage or decrease in nerve communication.

If anyone is reading this advice is wanted.
Also I do masturbate frequently well... I did masturbate frequently ,but after this numbness set on around early december of 2014..... I do not masturbate as much. I find less joy of masturbating. The orgasms are not as strong and I feel hope to resolving this ,but I am only 22 and I feel scared nothing will resolve this. :/ Please pray for me and please give advice if you experienced anytting similar. Is there hope or treatment for this??? Anybody with similar symptoms or problems that have succesfully treated this please  message me.

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by feelingbluealready, Mar 05, 2015
Have you seen a doctor already?  How long have you been experiencing these symptoms?  Is it constant?

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by OrgasmClimaxProblems, Mar 09, 2015
I saw a doctor back on the 22nd of january of 2015. I got a blood test which gave me the testosterone level of 259.
I went to the doctor after a month of taking zinc+ magnesium+b12 supplements. I recieved a blood test the
25th of Febuary of 2015. My Testosterone level is now 1200.

Currently my penis and testicles seems to still have that decreased sensitivity/ numbness. Therefore my conclusions are
A) I have periphrial nueropathy   or
B) I have Puednal Nerve Entrapment or
C) I have damaged my dorphial nerve which I hope not or
D) I have combination of one two or three of the possible diagnosis...

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by OrgasmClimaxProblems, Mar 09, 2015
Also Yes it is constant there is no fading or increasing of sensitivity it is just a constant lessen of sensitivity/ numbness.
Therefore Testosterone is not the problem in my case.

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