Thyroid Levels Down

Dec 03, 2009 - 0 comments

thyroid disorder tracker

Well, my Thyroid Levels are still in the acceptable range, so everything is fine. But, they are down from my last scan. Last time my TSH was at 2.3mU/L and this time it's at 1.6mU/L. *sigh* This drop could probably explain my fatigue recently. I need to be more careful about not forgetting to take my Thyroid medication... it's the one medication that I forget to take, or forget to take properly (I'll sometimes eat breakfast or take other medication as soon as 15 minutes after taking it because I'm in a rush). I'm going to really focus on taking my medication properly and get rescanned after X-Mas and see if it's gone up any, and hopefully my fatigue levels will be better too.

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