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10 weeks tomorrow

Dec 03, 2009 - 0 comments

10 weeks









I am still throwing up! Headaches have slowed down. I have trouble sleeping and getting comfortable. I feel weak all over with jiont pain. NOt sure why. I am not to fatigued anymore which is good. I have had some cramping or contraxtion that come in the evening and last for about an hour the last 4 nights. So I have been drinking extra water. It has not dialated me so I am not worried about it. Have a feeling it is a girl. I also have lots of freams we do not make it to the hospital!!!!! Might be buying the home birth kit:) Also thinking about the home dopplar or the fetal stethescope. Hope to hear the heartbeat at my next appointment! Tomorow 10 weeks 209 days left till my due date:)

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