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What's this?

Dec 05, 2009 - 0 comments

Night before last - Dec. 4:   No 'disturbances' while lying in bed working puzzles - turned off the light and rolled over on my left side with my knees pulled up.  Then, the left leg jerked out in several moves til it was straight out.  It didn't hurt - but, it wasn't something I intended to do or wanted to do.  I pulled that leg back up with the other one - then, there was that body snap - and, that was all.  None of this hurt or left any after-effect feeling - it just happened.  

There have been similar occurences while lying on my back, still awake and with my puzzles (before turning out the light and going to sleep) - a small 'snap' around about the left foot or ankle, working up the leg - sometimes, a snap or jerk across the upper body, sorta like a flinch.  I have never noticed anything like this during the night - well, nothing like this wakes me up anyway - nor do I notice anything like this while I'm up and about during the day, maybe while I'm still lying abed (with my puzzles again).  

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