Will chart after hunting & the holidays.

Dec 06, 2009 - 3 comments

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Very sore and tired from hiking up & down hills and threw puckies.  Edema is REALY bad.  Just barely getting boots on.  Sigh.  The 136/58  111 is pretty accurate though and not too bad.  ;-)
Cannot really chart chest pains, palpitations, BP or HR correct due to extreme physical stress in cold temps (teens to mid 20's, brrr).  Can feel every muscle in my body.  Ouchy.  Spasms don't seem as bad this year though.  The evenings seem to be worse, concerning the pains; nevertheless, they are not "as" bad this year.  Just blessed with the fact that I can still do what I do and can still climb that dreadful hill.  LOL
Today is Sunday so I'm just trying to do decorations and relax.  

Will continue charting after hunting is over.  Hoping to get one or two more deer for the freezer for the year.  Urgggg.  LOL

Just so I know.....this is also true for sugar levels.  Will start checking them again after the season.

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by redheadaussie, Dec 08, 2009
Poor poor girl! You really are a glutton for punishment! I HATE the cold! So I am really feeling for you! (it's only about 50 here this morning and I hate that let alone 20's!)

You are doing so well to get out there! Big pat on the back for trying so hard!

Big hugs!!!!!!

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by Me967, Dec 10, 2009
I stayed home from hunting today.  Pains in upper part of my body big time from walking around with my rifle for days.  It's very cold.  Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 27 F; but the mornings with wind chill are below 0 F.  Brrrrrrrrr.  My face is actually blistered red.  LOL  
Two last days of hunting left.  At this point I'm just about ready to say screw it and eat cow meat this next year.  ha ha ha.  That's pretty disparate for me!

Thanks for the pat on the back though.  What don't kill you; makes your stronger.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  LOL  

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by Me967, Dec 22, 2009
As for BP/Heart....Still having a lot of issues with edema.  Having some chest pain (zappers); but, numbing sensations/pains are not as bad now or as often.  Face is still red most of the times and hands.  Air still seems a bit thick.  Don't know if it's BP related or not though.  

Muscle spasms are coming back in all over body pains.  Sigh.  I thought maybe they wouldn't this year.  Hopefully they will go just away, since they're not welcome.  LOL  Will call doctor I guess soon for more pain pills.  Urggg.  I hate having to take them or call the office for anything anymore.

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