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A Pattern

Mar 10, 2015 - 1 comments





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menstral cycle

So.....after years and years of never knowing when I was going to have a period or if I would even have one at all (went over a year without one) I am now seeing a pattern. Averaging about every 21 days, which makes me happy. What ***** about the whole thing? Our of a 21 day cycle I am bleeding about 10 of those days *sigh* But I will take whatever I can get, right? My biggest fear, getting pregnant. About 10 years ago I would have been excited to try but at 32 and 53 (hubby) I don't think I want that. We like where we are at in our life. Guess we are just gonna have to be cautious.

Today was my early shift at work, love those days. Hubs is sleeping (working a ton of overtime) so I am just gonna spend a few mins or so to myself :)

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by KMS050308, Mar 10, 2015
Note to self:: learn to spell HA!

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