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AF came 12/12/09

Dec 13, 2009 - 0 comments

Well we went the doctor on 12/11/09 and they told me i was to early to test and to come back in a few weeks to see if my AF came and then test, well we went home and that night we had sex and i bled bad and my AF came..heavy!! i cramped like i never have before!! i thought i was dying!!! but i guess where before i was on the nuva ring i got on depo and didnt have a AF for 6 months only a little spotting!! and it was all catching up with me!! so we decided to try again this month and get a 20 day OPK instead of a 7 day and track until we get something.,.hopefully i will run regular now since all thats out!! its 12/13/09 and still flowing heavy!! so we will just have to do it right time!! and not stress so much!! and see wha happens!! to bad i was wanting to tell the family for christmas =( ol well maybe this month!!!

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