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No spotting for 3 days!!

Dec 13, 2009 - 5 comments

I am so happy to announce that the spotting has subsided now for 3 days. I haven't had much cramping or any change. I have been having such a hard time explaining to people what's going on. I didn't really want anyone to even know that I was pregnant until I was like 7 or 8 weeks. My sweet hubby (bless his heart he is so excited) told his coworkers and living in a small town it spread like wildfire. I only told my mom, sis, and best friend. Now some of my other family members actually got their feelings hurt because they heard it elsewhere. But I have to explain to them the reason I haven't said anything is because I want to make sure everything is okay at the doctor on Tuesday first (which I am feeling VERY positive about).
I also noticed that when I say we couldn't see the baby on the u/s, and that I've been having spotting, and that I have hemmorhaging..they're like "Oh..okay." I don't know if they just don't know what to say, or what but I don't really feel like I have that much support. Most likely it's just that they don't know or understand what I'm saying I guess (as far as I know nobody in my family or friends have ever gone through this). But I do have the support of my husband and my mother and those two are the ones that have always been there for me anyway.
So I guess I'm just venting!

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376148 tn?1309899577
by Rosa20, Dec 13, 2009
Thats great news...i spotted too and i had a hemmorage and ill be going on 15 weeks now!! :) yay... i cant wait to get to like 20 weeks...i think ill get a sence of calmness then !! Are you a july baby??

1112895 tn?1268581875
by eddiblair, Dec 13, 2009
Yes you are my inspiration :)
Well technically an August 2nd baby, but my doctor has always induced me a week early since I live so far from the hospital, so yeah it could very easily be July :)

964234 tn?1331949207
by HeatherLF16, Dec 13, 2009
Congrats this is wonderful news.  I am very happy for you that everything is moving in the right direction.  :)

1121273 tn?1325367975
by k10road, Dec 13, 2009
Thank God!  I hope everything continues to go well for you.  I'll keep you in my prayers.  Hugs.

1112895 tn?1268581875
by eddiblair, Dec 14, 2009
Thanks y'all!!

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