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I'm feeling slightly guilty

Jun 24, 2008 - 5 comments

I say slightly, cause I know I have been lucky enough to find so many wonderful caring new friends here and I've been too un-motivated, to even say a few words to let you lovely peeps know I'm still alive.  If it weren't for the fact that that I've misplaced my last stores of energy, (and can't work up the wherewithall to go lookin for 'em), I'd feel VERY guilty. I thought i WAS DOING QUITE WELL , (darned caps lock).

I had a visit from one my best friends, (from Big Bear), she came down here for a bridal shower, and stayed a couple days here, with Mom and me.  We got a great idea, my friend Kim, was on her way back to Big Bear, and was gunna drive very close to where My Psychiatrist ofc. is.  I had to go see him to get my Zoloft, Rx. refilled.  She took me there, and then to Big Bear, where my G.P. is.  I was able to get an appt. and was glad to finally touch base with my NP in Big Bear. I was gone from 6-9 to 6-16.  I had the pleasure of being able to visit my son and, (very pregnant), daughter in-law. I was moved to tears, to see the beautiful room they've prepared for Katie's arrival.  I do believe they've got everything that Katie might need for at least the first two years.  Maybe a few more diapers, but that's it.  The OB/Gyn, has told them that if the baby doesn't come by the 30 of June, they want to induce her labor.  I'm so excited I could just explode.

I also had my four wk BTs done on the 10th, of June.  I don't have another appt, w/ my GI/Hep Dr. until 7-02. So, I'm gunna call and ask for a copy of these labs, tomorrow.  I guess that says volumes about how exhausted I've been. I'm really anxious to know how my Tx is working but too tired to pick up a phone and ask my Dr.s gals to send me a copy of the darned BT reslts.

So dear friends, I hope you will forgive me for being gone these couple of weeks.  I pray and hope that you are all doing as well as can be expected.  Other than the fatigue, and some skin issues, I'm doing pretty well.  I had esophagitis, before I started Tx.  and lately the back of my throat feels sore and burns,  There's very little variety in my diet, now. Cottage cheese, applesauce, yogurt, soft cold non spicy, non acedic, nothing greasy, or salty.  I guess this too shall pass.  I did my seventh shot tonight, 'bout an hour ago. That's pretty much all that's fit to print. I'll try to be a better communicator soon.  Love and Hugs to all y'all.  Dill Weed is gettin her hiney kicked, and not particularly lovin' it. It IS, however, better than waiting around to get started on TX, (Albeit , not by much)!  Fighting the good fight,  Die Dragons Die,  Especially the one that's been breathing down my neck,(inside).  Wassup with y'all??        

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233616 tn?1312787196
by merryBe, Jun 24, 2008
good that you will have a joyful bundle...just remember to treat with mild antidepressant....after delivery. You body will be taked and tired from the delivery and carriage...and post-partum is more common with HCV whic alone can cause severe I'd want you to explore that so that when you treat, life and taking care of the baby doesn't overwhelm you.
Feeling overwhelmed or severely depressed, nervous, anxious, or blue is the number one reason people give for stopping treatment. About 30% stop tx....this could beprevented if they prepared for what the chemo will do by having the right helper drugs to create a stop loss in those areas.
take care, and congrats on your new addition!

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by Trinity4, Jun 24, 2008
I don't think Wassup's is the one having the baby?  Wassup with that!!!

441951 tn?1275762988
by Severance, Jun 24, 2008
Lady B you're not the only slack one here, some of us are professional slackers. You're not allowed to feel guilty for putting your health first, or enjoying the simple things when you can.
Hang in there, unlike living with Hep C there's a finish line in the distance.
Be thinking of you.

406107 tn?1219012600
by Wassup, Jun 24, 2008
Merry B, Trinity4 is so correct, but with the sort of brain fog we're all going through from time to time, I can understand how you could have gotten confused.  I haven't had 'an oven' since 1987.  Thank God I'm not pregnant.  That sure would have put the KABASH on any Tx. Pregnancy and Interferon don't work together at all. Sev, Darlin', thank you for help with my conscience. How are you doing with all your lumps? better I hope!  Thanks for your sweet notes, all y'all.  Hanging in there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~HUGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wassup with the rest of you Dragon Slayers.

Avatar universal
by Peach803, Dec 20, 2008
Does anybody out there know any news about Wassup?  We seem to have a lot in common, and I'd like to see how she is, but the last post I've seen from her is June '08.  I hope everything is good for her...and her family.  Gd bless.

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