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Empty corridors

Dec 07, 2007 - 2 comments

Today is day 12, last night rebel got mad at me for me relaying a story to her and I wasn't done when her favorite song came on.  As soon as I heard it, i stopped talking, but it was already too late.  She left the room and went to bed, laying diagonally so there was no room for me.  Today I feel like I am wandering thru empty hallways, unable to speak cause I don't want to be dissed, not wanting to hear cause it will be something I don't want to hear.  I know that I want her in my life, she is a part of me.  Does she want me?  I can't tell, she said when on pills her feelings were numb.  Now she wants

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by cheripie, Dec 18, 2007
Don't give up time will work things out.It may not work things in the way you may want them to go; but it will work things the way that will be the best for all. I have ya'll in my prayers. I was once in your shoes and now things are better.

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by wait2long, Dec 25, 2007
dont give up is right...but it is a long haul back from the grips of addiction...extremely prepared...

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