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Mar 19, 2015 - 1 comments

April 17th 1:17 p.m.started having contractions every 5-6 minutes told my doula about them around 2:00 p.m. and she told me she would wait 30 more minutes and then if there were still in a pattern or getting worse she would head on over. 3:15 came around and I told her she could come on over and I decided it was time to call my husband home (he got off work at 5:00 p.m.) because I felt like I needed him. My doula/sis in law shows up shortly after 3:30 and we just talked and had a good time. Well my contractions were painful but bearable. But the thing was I could not sit through a contraction, I had to get up and move around. So we make dinner and then I decided it was time to tell my midwife and give her a heads up. at 5:00 I told her about my contractions not having a pattern but each one was getting more and more powerful and I was restless. So I told her I would contact her in 30 minutes to tell her if she needed to come or not. So 5:30 I told her she could come join us. I told my husband it was time to set up the pool and start to fill it up. 6:40 comes around and my midwife is here and she starts setting things up. So me and my husband decided to go on a short little walk but I didn't wanna go far. 7:30 p.m. comes around and I ask my midwife if she can check to see how dilated I am (because i had this weird feeling of pressure on my butt). So we go upstairs and she checks me and says "omg, holly cow! You are ready" I told her that was the reason why I asked if she could check me was because my contractions suddenly changed. So I jump in the birth pool at 7:40 by this time my contractions were not in a pattern they were anywhere from 8 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart. my midwife told me when i get a contraction i can try pushing if i wanted so i waited. when i felt my contraction i pushed but not hard and BOOM my water broke. it was the weirdest feeling ever. during this time i was on my hands and knees in the pool practically almost face first in the water lol my midwifes assistant couldn't get the heartbeat because after my water had broke she had slipped down under my pubic bone and that was hard for her to reach lol she was almost in the pool with me. so then i was kinda floating on my butt in the water. I was holding the sides of the pool and my baby started to crown my midwife told me to stop pushing and i told her (which was really hard to talk) "im...not....pushing" i seriously was not pushing and i could feel her slowly slipping out. my body without my control was literally pushing my baby out and i was trying to stop because i didn't want to rip (which i didn't). And my daughter was born at exactly 8:00p.m. perfectly healthy she weighed 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long. My home birth was amazing I couldn't have felt more relaxed in my whole entire life. Funny thing is i handled my contractions so well that my midwife couldn't even tell i was in labor. She told me that usually from the looks on how a women is reacting with each contraction she can estimate how long it will be before she gives birth. but since i was walking around, laughing, and talking (instead of them dropping me to the floor and not being able to talk ) she told me she thought i wasn't gonna give birth until tomorrow night!! but i gave birth to my baby only Two in a half hours after my midwife arrived. She was blown away!! and SO was I!!!

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by Ceri111, Mar 20, 2015
This is amazing, exactly how I dream my labour to be!

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