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Mar 20, 2015 - 5 comments

So, I'm a big fan of music. And the way I can pick a song for ANY mood i'm in, or how i'm feeling, etc.
I love country, and haven't been able to listen to it since basically me and Corey split up...
Anyways... there is 1 song that fits SO perfect I needed to share it with him...
It's called 'leave the pieces when you go' by The Wreckers.

Lyrics are as follows...

You're not sure that you love me
But you're not sure enough to let me go
Baby it ain't fair you know
To just keep me hangin' 'round

You say you don't wanna hurt me
Don't want to see my tears
So why are you still standing here
Just watching me drown

And it's alright, yeah I'll be fine
Don't worry 'bout this heart of mine
Just take your love and hit the road
There's nothing you can do or say
You're gonna break my heart anyway
So just leave the pieces when you go

You can drag out the heartache
Baby you can make it quick
Really get it over with
And just let me move on

Don't concern yourself
With this mess you've left for me
I can clean it up, you see
Just as long as you're gone


You not making up your mind
Is killing me and wasting time
I need so much more than that
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now, I've done this a few times, in hopes of getting SOME sort of - well, anything out of him...
This time, he replied... short and sweet.
"Jason Aldean - The truth"
I'm copying the lyrics for you...

Tell 'em all I'm on vacation
Say I went to visit friends
That you ain't heard or seen from me in quite a while
When they ask you where I've been

Tell 'em I'm out on the West Coast
Where it don't ever rain
And that I'm probably doing fine

Just don't tell 'em I've gone crazy
That I'm still strung out over you
Tell 'em anythin' you want to
Just don't tell 'em all the truth
Yeah, don't tell 'em all the truth

Tell 'em all I'm out in Vegas
Blowin' every dollar I ever made
Tell 'em that I must be into somethin' bad for me
'Cause I sure lost a lot of weight

Tell 'em I'm out on the road
With some old rock and roll band
Living like a gypsy can

Just don't tell 'em I've gone crazy
That I'm still strung out over you
Tell 'em anythin' you want to
Just don't tell 'em all the truth
Yeah, don't tell 'em all the truth

The truth is that I'm askin' you to lie
And we both know that it ain't right
But if you ever loved me
Please have some mercy on me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Tell 'em anything you want to
Just don't tell 'em all the truth
Yeah, don't tell 'em all the truth
I still need you

Yeah, that's the truth
I still love you
Baby, that's the truth

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by ribaby15, Mar 20, 2015
So, now I'm in tears at work...
Seems to be the norm as of late...
my heart hurts :(

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Mar 20, 2015
I like that song. Was singing it in my head as I was reading it. Haha

Sadly I have to agree that it is a fitting song :-(

Avatar universal
by ribaby15, Mar 20, 2015
his song response was what gets me :(

2020005 tn?1628125976
by KTowne, Mar 20, 2015
Awe :( it stinks cause you never know when he's playing gamesbut I think maybe you two need to get together one last time and if he can't decide 100% you, then I would cut contact, but it sounds like he's having some serious regret

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by ribaby15, Mar 20, 2015
I talked to his sister in law the other day and she said that 2-3wks ago his ex told her that he said he picked her. I was confused, because he just spent the night at my house the 7th..
it just seems like he's playing games... there's obviously a small part of me that hopes not, but history says he is f*cking with me. Although he's never said anything to me like what's in that song...
Seems like he 'picked her', then she found out he was over and we talked about stuff (cause she lurked my fb and I had mentioned we were finally being civil, and he has a lot of stuff to deal with before any talk of 'us' comes up) and got mad at him and then hes out there now, texting me.
I talked to him on the phone after hearing what his SIL said and she also mentioned that Corey was p*ssed because his ex hasn't stopped hanging out with/ended things with her previous bf out there and that was ticking him off.
He admitted it ticked him off, saying he ended his engagement with me, and she's not following through with what she should..
making it seem like her plan the whole time was to split us up, ruin us by leading him on, and once he chose her.. shes like ehhhh, not interested.
Just seems like he's trying to make sure I'm still here in case things don't work out with whatsherface.
Even though he told me Saturday the 7th that no one was moving back here etc. The next weekend he went out there. And them 2 were hanging out. I'm unsure if anything happened. Or if they were just talking about what's been going on etc.
If he is out there, with her... texting ME sh*t like this... Then who's to say he's not just playing the family role with her our there and then the whole thing goes back to the same BS it did before.
there's so many lies that have been said, that even if we did talk - regardless of his 'decision', I don't think it would change a thing.
I told him sunday when we spoke on the phone, he may not have chosen her, but he didn't choose me either, and that was a choice in itself.
I love him with all my heart, but I really don't see us being able to ever be civil because it leads to other things, and I don't see us being together again because of everything he's put me and my child through already. I don't want to... I can't risk that again.

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