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2nd Christmas without you!

Dec 23, 2009 - 10 comments

Hi Dad,

Almost Christmas eve and I have been throwing myself into baking,shopping for your grandsons anything really just to  keep busy. Dad I really wish you were here.
Mom is about the same and yes I go to see her still every Wed. Going to Susies house for Christmas as usual if the  weather allows. Yes we will be having tenderloin like you always wanted and potato pancakes. Jim is always so proud becuse you taught him how to touch the beef to see if it is done.  Ohh and mom's cheese pie too.

The emptiness sometimes is overbearing  dad. Are you OK? Do you think of me too?

Merry Christmas Daddy. I love you and miss you so much.

Your loving daughter,


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983679 tn?1276833336
by leeisgettingclean, Dec 23, 2009
very sweet post .. I know that losing loved ones can be xtra hard during the holidays..stay strong

199177 tn?1490498534
by avisg, Dec 23, 2009
beautiful this is a hard time .... remember memories are forever

662972 tn?1270166301
by Holliee, Dec 23, 2009
that was s0 sweet made me cry so open an honest. I wish you a merry christmas, if you need to talk message me. christmas can be hard when love ones are lost. Sounds like you daddy was a good man. Stay strong... Hollie

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by 10356, Dec 23, 2009
What a Beautiful tribute to your Daddy Terry.. from the heart with love is always heard as our spirits are intertwined with our parents.. may your Christmas be filled with the joyful memories your Dear Dad left for you all to share as he watches and feels the love.. warm hugs. lesa

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by gizzy32, Dec 24, 2009
This was so nice Terry, but also sad. He is watching over you and must be very proud. Merry Christmas my friend.

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by beatingthis, Dec 24, 2009
Thanks guys. Feels better when I get it out.

Merry Christmas.

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Dec 24, 2009
Terry......You and i have had many conversations about our daddy's.  Today i am overcome with emotions myself.  He should be calling me and telling me to stay put as the weather is awful and we will get together when the storm passes.....While i was at the store yesterday i went by the aftershaves and had to take a big old sniff off the Old Spice as he wore that.  Memories come flooding in at this time, most that bring tears and a smile.  We hold the traditions they set sacred in our heart.  As i have said before they live thru us now.......May you have a wonderful holiday Terry with your family and tonight look to the heavens and blow your daddy a kiss~~~~~~~~sara

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by MomOfTheseBoys, Dec 24, 2009
Wow what a flood of emotions this brought. In a peculiar set of circumstances, I am missing my ex-husband.  This is our 2nd Christmas without him.  We had been together for over 20 years, grew up neighbors, married young and had 4 wonderful kids together, and 2 grandchildren.  During our divorce after 17 years, I never considered myself a single mom.  We had an amazing relationship for the sake of our kids. He truly was one of my closest friends.  We both had remarried, and our spouses got along great.  Anything that had to do with the kids or grandkids, we did as one big family.  Graduations, ball games, concert performances, troubles at school,  everything was done as one unit.  People often commented on how"strange" our post-divorce relationship was, but to us, it was easy and natural, I wouldnt have changed a thing.  Sadly, he passed away last September at the young age of 48.  It was devastating to our boys, and we have tried to keep his memory alive in our home, surrounding my youngest two with photos and memories of their dad.  It will get easier for them as time passes, but it is always hard to lose a parent at such a young age.  I miss him especially at this time, when we would celebrate Christmas Eve at his house, and Christmas morning at ours.   Rest in Peace my life long friend.  We are taking special care of your boys and grandbabies for you.  


230262 tn?1316645934
by troubleinohio, Dec 24, 2009
aww that made me cry. Sending hugs to you Terry! I think we all get emotional this time of year- both good and bad emotions, boiling and simmering...sometimes the happy ones bubble up, only seconds later replaced by sad ones. and so the cycle continues. Ive been back and forth a lot myself lately. Yesterday when i was sitting in the parking lot of Target catching my breath before hitting another store, I was flooded out of the blue wiht a flashback memory of my dad from my childhood (My dad died when i was 18- we had a tumultuous relationship- he was an alcoholic and back then I did not understand why he was the way he was. Ohhh how I understand now. Too late of course) But anyways, I remembered when I was about 8 yrs old my dad taking me into Bargain City on Xmas Eve NIGHT as they were closing- he was frantically throwing tons of stuff into the cart- all stuff for my mom. I can still see the exact items in my head!! A fuzzy big pink robe with matching slippers, a big heart of candy, a pretty sweater, some kitchen gadgets and flowers! Funny how the memory works!
Anyways, I just wanted to send you  a big hug today and wish you a Merry Christmas. xo xo

1156346 tn?1294166094
by kona2009, Feb 22, 2010
Damn, Terry that choked me up...I love family just like you they can be pains in the butt 1 day out of 365days but are loved so much.  We never know what we have till we lose them.  

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