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Note In Case I Don't SVR And Have To Do This Again

Dec 29, 2009 - 2 comments

Just took shot # 70 last weekend. I wanted to remember as much as possible what this tx has been like.  I wish I had kept a journal but since I didn't I am going to try to remember as much as possible and write it here. I am too tired at this point to do it all at once so I will try to do it over the next 14 days. I will start with todays status and then go back to what I can remember. Everything feels so hard right now. Simple things like throwing something in a waste basket and then it bounces out and I have to bend over & pick it up aggravates me these days.  My lips are painfullly cracked in the corners and have been since the 1st month of treatment, Hemoglobin & hemacrit up to 9.3 and 23 this month - highest since week 2 of 9.4. Mostly been in high 8's occasionally dropped to 7's. That was bad!!! Dizziness has been my constant companion. I sleep with saline eye, drops, nose drops, chap stick and cool mist humidifier on my night stand. Makes me feel like a sick baby but I know I sleep better if I am as comfortable as possible. Muscle spasms and joint pain (joint pain mainly thumbs, wrists & ankles; spasms in legs, shoulders, neck & back) every day now. I take my allowed 4 tylenol almost everyday. I have 2 shots left over and was planning to taper but at this point decided to blow that off since it is Peg. I am ready to feel human again. I am so tired but have to go to work today and this is hard to write because my mind seems disjointed. I can't seem to write in a comprehensive manner when I am this tired, I hope I can do this journal in 14 days with some kind of clarity. Thank goodness work is repetitive right now because I sure don't want to go today.

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by charm27, Dec 29, 2009
Just wanted to say you are one heck of a trooper . 70 weeks!  I only did 55 and couldnt imagine another injection.
I just wanted to wish you well and may the new year bring  health....

Glad your misery tour is over.
Best wishes

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by skersj, Dec 30, 2009
Thanks Charm. You have been an inspiration to me to get through this. I am so happy you are SVR! And you look great in your pictures!

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