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LP results are in ...

Mar 28, 2015 - 4 comments

Not in limbo/briefly not ms goodbye/now I'm not sure but still being followed.

//head spins//

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5509293 tn?1428531475
by Joiedecour, Mar 28, 2015
I can't get to your blog right now, but are the results diagnostic of ms? You ok? Stupid question, I know.

5265383 tn?1483808356
by aspen2, Mar 29, 2015
I am okay now.  I wasn't..  Blog tells the story ... Too much to drone on about here.  Lp results clear;  rather than continuing on with neuro's previous "even if there are no o-bands I think we may still be looking at ms", he started with, "Good news!  you don't have ms!"

Ummmm .... Really, we're there?  So ... Yeah ...  :P.

5509293 tn?1428531475
by Joiedecour, Mar 29, 2015
I am sorry - that is awful. I will try again to read blog. And you know, if course, that a clear LP does not rule out MS or at least that is what I have read here. Well know that I am saying a prayer or seven for you and sending hugs.

9745005 tn?1410044366
by 4happygnomes, Mar 29, 2015
I had a chance to read your blog post, I'm so sorry for the 24 hour whirl wind you had!  I agree with Joiedecour, a clear LP doesn't rule MS out and the Neuro should know that.  And I'm like you, if it's not MS, than WHAT is it?  Something is clearly going on!  I'll send a message later, but just wanted you  to know I'm thinking of you!  HUGS!!

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