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Still in shock

Dec 31, 2009 - 0 comments



hsv 2










hsv 2 test results


hsv 2 reading test results


reading test results

I just found out that I have hsv2 and that I have now transmitted to my current same-sex partner of 7 yrs.  My relationship is over just like that, in one visit to a routine yearly pap, overnight.  I am so shocked b/c I have been testing - for 10+ yrs now b/c I new my ex was positive so I have gotten tested yearly since knowledge of + partner.  I didnt tell my current due to the fact that I was testing - all this time so I had no fear of transmitting it to her, or so I thought.  She didnt see it that way, thus our relationship ends.  I told her the day I found out I tested + for hsv2.

Anyways, since I was so confused in such shock, I requested my previous medical records from prvious drs.  I received them on Monday and I havent open them until now for fear of possibly being hsv2 + this whole time and didnt know it.  She kept asking "you never called to get your results.  That b/c you didnt receive a phone call in reference to your results, you just assumed you were -, b/c you didnt get a call?"  Well, no I didnt call b/c I was told if anything is wrong we'll call you.  I never received a call, so nothing was wrong, I had nothing to worry about.  Or so I thought.

So, I'm going thru my records and I see all these notes from visit #1 stating I told the dr that I am currently w/ a same sex partner who is + for hsv2.  I requested a complete a CBC & full STD screening to include HIV.  So in all of that, I only see one test that list hsv 1 & 2 as performed test and not by blood, but by swab only and that showed up - ?  WTFC?!?!?  I'm sitting here thinking that b/c I'm requesting these tests, I'm thinking I'm getting them b/c I've been to the lab (if not in the office) to have blood drawn; then to find out that I havent been tested except once from '01-'05 (not that I havent been since '06-'09, but I've been to a diff dr) per my request.  Not to mention that the notes states that I even came in once specifically due to a possible STD, which I thought I was having an "outbreak" that I wanted to be checked for hsv2 due to my knowledge of my then current. (Which in all actually, I'm sure its the one test that I see listed as stated earlier.)

So, does this mean that I could have possibly been hsv2 all this time and didnt know it?  Thus unknowingly, unintentionally passed it on to my now current?  In looking at the is previous test (back in '04) I see the following:

"HSV culture w/o typing
Negative (and its circled)
No Herpes simplex virus deteced by enzyme linked virus inducible system culter
NTI Viral Transposrt
A viral transport was received w/ no test indicated. If testing required on this specimen, please contact the Lab Client Inquiry/Technical Services Dept to obtain a request for written authorization form"

Now does this mean that the lab deteced it in blood work or that comment above indicated a + result, but b/c they (the lab) didnt have authorization to to test it, they didnt?  OMG! I'm so confused.  Here I am thinking I'm - cuz I've been requesting the test, I've had the blood drawn but only a culture was authorized, but detected but not tested (the blood vs culture) to be 100% sure?  What dr does that?  When a patient is requesting a specific test and it still doesnt get done, why not?  And my ex (the + partner) went w/ me to my gyno appts....I dont get it.

So b/c of this dr, I could have possibly lowered the risk of transmission to my now current had I known that I had hsv2 from the start vs finding out now that I am hsv2 +.....I dont understand that.

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