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Starting my 13th week tomorrow

Jan 03, 2010 - 0 comments

Wow, its already the end of week 12 !  I can't believe how much time has flown by - and sometimes it seems like its dragging soooo slow.  I hope I can relax by the end of this week and enter 2nd trimester with some small sense of relief.  After that, I hold my breath again til week 15 for amnio.  Then for two weeks after that for the regular checkup and amnio results....and then the 20th week scan...Only then will I feel better about telling people.  Its getting hard hiding my bump.  Can't close my pants since week 11  - hope no one is onto us.  I wore the long blue sweater for Christmas and even though it was hot in K&D's living room and SZ kept asking me if I wasn't hot too and don't I want to take off my sweater  - I didn't because my pants were unbuttoned and the shirt I was wearing under was close fitting and would reveal our secret.  I told K that people were hot and he opened the front door for air.  He he !   I want to buy some "pg" pants but, I want to wait til after the first trimester is over.  I'm superstitious and I guess I'm afraid I'll jinx myself.  Need pants soon ! I discovered that if I wear buttonfly jeans - can button bottom two or sometimes three buttons and then the belt covers the rest.  With the zip fly -  well, with the button undone - zipper automatically stays down. it just looks like I forgot to rezip after a trip to the can.  I'm paranoid about my sweater or shirt rising to show my open fly.  I'm constantly pulling down my sweater / shirt.  Good thing its winter and cold out.  I've taken to wearing the big baggy sweaters ( man sized) that my mom knit for me back in the 80's.  They are really huge on me and I'm sure people might be wondering since I'm not a baggy dresser...oh well, I hope they buy the cold story.   Going to take it easy this week - snowed alot last night and when we went out I didn't lift heavy shovel loads - more pushing it out of the driveway.  But, I felt some cramping in the centre.  Note to self  :  Fool !  Are you freakin' crazy ? Take it easy !         Had buffet lunch and I'm still stuffed - and feeling nausea , heartburn - or both.  I don't feel like eating supper even - will see.  Got to feed the bean -one meal might not cut it .  

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