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2 weeks post ablation

Apr 07, 2015 - 1 comments



post ablation










Acoustic Neuroma





I'm now two weeks out, I'm presently on 48 hour holter monitor as requested by EP.  I don't know if this is something that everyone gets afterward or if it's because of the Heart Block issue.  Anyway I'm thankful for how small these monitors are these days.  I remember back around 2000 my mom was on a 48 hour holter and it was this massive box attached to her waist which recorded to audio cassette, and the battery was not enough to last the full 48 hours, it had to be changed partway through (and the cassette too!).  The biggest complaint I could have about it now is that all the tape and electrodes are itchy as hell! lol.  The device itself is smaller than a deck of cards and very light.

I have only had occasional palpitations and unusual beats, and I understand this is normal until scar tissue has completely formed.  Sometimes it feels like SVT is about to start but then it turns out just to be a skipped beat.  Over time I worry less about the possibility that it's an SVT attack.  Solitary skipped beats are not really a problem.  I also have a small hematoma at the groin entry site, about the size of a large grape, which developed in the hours following the procedure. It has since solidified and I understand it will take a month or two to disappear completely.

Unfortunately I'm not out of the woods on my health yet even with this resolved (hopefully, so far so good).  I still have a lot of weight to lose, and also have had a bunch of neurological symptoms over the past year for which nobody has been able to give me answers (family doctor, ER, a few specialists).  After searching for answers for months, I had a new idea yesterday and sure enough I found something that matches up exactly with the symptoms (I don't just have some of them, I have all of them), and after seeing my doctor today, he agrees it's quite likely.  I need to get an MRI and what they'll be looking for is a non-cancerous brain tumor (acoustic neuroma).  Unfortunately in my area in Ontario, Canada, we apparently do not have MRI scanners that can handle my weight.  I was worried this meant there was no diagnostic route for me but fortunately there is an OHIP (provincial healthcare)-covered process by which one can be referred to certain pre-approved facilities across the border for an 'open MRI' scan (these have a higher weight limit).  There is a lot of paperwork required to make it happen, but that is now underway, so at least the wheels are in motion.

So one health journey ends and another begins. I guess it's just going to be that kind of year.

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by tom_h, Apr 09, 2015
I'm glad to hear that your ablation procedure appears successful!  Yes, it is very common to experience all kinds of ectopic beats during the healing process.  ....and don't believe the electrophysiologist when they tell you that you'll be good in 8 weeks.  I experienced short runs of SVT for over a year following mine.  Just short little runs of 6-12 beats, and then it would drop out.  It takes a long time, almost like your heart tissue has a memory.

OK, so get out there and walk!  Are you Type II?  If so, I'd highly recommend a Paleo Diet.  I'm on it today and enjoy everything I eat.  I avoid anything "white"; rice, pasta, wheat, grains, and of course sugar.  I eat perhaps 35 to 40 pounds of nuts annually.  I haven't had a apple or and orange in years.  I probably consume 50 pounds of strawberries annually as they are low in carb.  Switch your body to a fat burning engine from a carb burning engine, and the weight will melt off of you.

Good luck on your recovery and a life free of SVT...

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